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What are your digital video editing software options

What are your digital video editing software options? There are several different digital video editing software options available. Here are some basics on a few different editing software options.

Power Director

This software runs around $80.00. Has a great rating for design. The ease of use, installation and tools and options are great. Their help and support are awesome. In addition the video capture and playback are wonderful. This software is considered to be one of the best.

ShowBiz DVD

This software runs around $100.00. The design of this software is comparable to the Power Director. As far as ease of use, installation and tools is very good. The help and support is reliable. The capture and playback is great. This software will make it very possible to create the videos you want.

Premiere Elements

This software runs around $100.00. The design of this software is good. Some say not as good as the previous listed, however is all opinions. This is easily istalled, and easily workable. There are good editing tools and options. Their help and support is great. The video and capture is great.

Easy Media Creator

This software runs around $100.00. This software needs a little more of a technically savvy mind, however it is still relatively easy to install and run. The help and support is great for working through any problems or questions. The editing and capturing tools are good. However, there maybe a more detailed program available.

Pinnacle Studio Plus

You can get this program for around $100.00. The use of this program is relatively easy, however installation needs a little more work. There is a great help and support to help with any questions. The video capture and playback is great. The editing tools are good.

WinDVD Creator

This software costs less than the others at around $70.00. The ease of use and installation are great. However the in the area of editing tools and options are lacking a bit. The video and playback are average. The help and support are adequate. However, for a little lower price, you have to expect a little lower quality.

Nero Ultra Edition

This software is a little lower priced around $80.00. This program works well, however there are several areas that there may be some support needed. The installation is great, however the ease of use is in need of a little more ease. However a more technically savvy mind should be just fine.

In addition to the software like these that you can purchase for digital video editing and recording, you can also download free software. Here are a few sites that you can check out what is available. Now these may not be as easy or as efficient as some that you would purchase. However, for the most part you will get what is needed.

Windows Movie Maker

This software is free. This is considered to be the best movie making software that is free. You may already have this on your computer if you use Windows XP Service Pack Two.

Avid Free DV

This program has the basics. However, it is the free version of what Avid has to offer. Therefore you are getting less than an easy installation and use.

These are some of your digital editing software options. Do some checking to find out what is best for the type of digital video making you plan on doing. However, for the most part, you get what you pay for. If you are just playing around a bit, learn with a freeware option, then move up as you are ready to get more serious.

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