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Choosing a wireless network for your office

Now that you have so many computers you are beginning to think that you want to set up a wireless network so that you can access the internet or the network from anywhere in the office or from the privacy of your home. Using a wireless network allows you the freedom of movement when it comes to rearranging your office as well because you do not have to worry about being connected to the network through a variety of cables. When you choose to set up a wireless network in your office there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Here are some tips to help you set up your wireless network in your office.

Tip one:
The first thing you have to do is to figure out what kind of wireless network you are going to be using. The oldest wireless technology that is still around is 802.11b and any wireless network device can connect to an 802.11b network, but it is extremely slow and won't allow you to fully use a broadband connection. The second kind of network that is available is 802.11g is the newest choice for wireless networks and it will work with any device that supports 802.11b but it offers five times the performance. But technology is always creating new and improved wireless networks so keep informed.

Tip two:
Now that you know what kind of wireless network you are going to choose you are going to need to choose your wireless equipment. In order to set up a wireless network you are going to need to get a wireless router, but make sure it is not a wireless access point. The wireless router will act like a cordless phone base and will convert your signals from your internet connection into a wireless broadcast which allows you to access it from anywhere within a certain distance. If you have an older computer you are going to have to get a wireless network adapter, if you have more then one computer you will need to obtain wireless adapters for all of the computers. The wireless adapters are what allow your computer to connect to the wireless router.

Tip three:
Now that you have gotten the right equipment you are going to need to connect your wireless router to either your cable modem or your DSL modem. Basically to accomplish this task you are going to have to unplug your modem from your computer (which means you will no longer be connected to the internet) and plug the modem into the wireless router. Every router has a different set of instructions so be sure to follow the instructions that come with your wireless router.

Tip four:
Now that you have connected your wireless router to your modem you are going to need to configure your wireless router so that your computers can access the internet. If you have bought a wireless router that supports Windows Connect Now, you can follow the directions on the Windows XP Connect Now Technology pages. For other routers you are going to need to follow the directions that came with the wireless router to make sure it is properly configured. If you do run into problems call the wireless routers technical help line and they can walk you through configuring your router or you can call somebody who specializes in setting up computer networks for offices.

Just remember that the key to choosing a wireless network for your office is to do your research and make sure that option is what will work best for your office set up, many times wired networks are not practical, even though they tend to be more reliable.

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