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Choosing the best digital video equipment

Choosing the best digital video equipment. What makes this choice easier and better? Well it really will depend on what you plan to do with your video equipment and what you want to spend.

Even though the prices of video equipment have dropped dramatically over the years, it is still a hobby or business that can cost you a great deal of money. The reason that the prices you will be looking at will vary from $100, to $6000 is because there are different digital video cameras and equip

The qualities you will be looking at when choosing is the sound first and foremost, and then the video quality. It is commonly known in the world of video that if you have decent sound, then no matter how poor the quality if the video is, people will still listen. If the sound is bad on a video, even if the picture is great, you will lose the interest of your viewers almost immediately.

Start out by checking out the sound quality and microphone for each digital video camera you look at. The microphones that come with most digital video cameras are just not enough for good sound. There are some high-end digital video cameras, which are good. However, even though, it is usually better to use an attachable external microphone.

The lens will be the next thing with your digital video camera, which you will want to look at. The lens should be at least 3X for the basic video, however it is better to have about a 10X. The best is going to be around 22X however that is on the high end.

In addition to the zoom, the exposure rate in a digital video camera is important. Look at maximum aperture setting of f-1.8 to f-2.8 for the f-stop. The lower the f-stop the better.

There are different formats that you will also want to look at. The MiniDV will provide one of the highest levels of quality for video that is available right now. Whether you use this format, or another, you can still get a great quality of picture if you know what you are doing.

When you use the DV format you also remove a great deal of the video sound and quality problems. This is where you will find the biggest benefit of using good digital video equipment.

Lighting equipment is also very important when you are purchasing your digital video equipment. This is due to the fact that there is not always going to be perfect lighting for you your recording. You can test the light capabilities of the digital video camera, by secluding yourself into a dark corner. However, even if the camera has a good light, a few extra accent lights etc will be a good investment.

Backup batteries are also very important. You will find that the rechargeable batteries, and the digital video cameras that have longer battery times will be worth the hassle of constantly purchasing batteries.

Getting image stabilization will be important when you are picking out your digital video camera because, even though there are times you can use a tri-pod for a smoother picture, there will still be times when you will need to move with the picture.

As you look at what digital video equipment will fit your video needs, keep in mind that as long as you purchase products that can work together with upgraded items, you will be able to get more for your money. This is some good information that will help you choose the best video equipment for you.

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