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Connections Matter

Knowledge is power and sharing it can build even more capability for the person sharing and the organization. Yet, this concept can be a hard sell to those who have been raised on the belief that giving away their knowledge is surrendering power.

Changing Behavior is the Big Challenge

The challenge is to mine the tacit knowledge (in the heads of people where true knowledge resides) through providing an access method. The idea behind collaboration is that sharing knowledge leads to the co-creation of new actionable knowledge that leads solution development. The key issue is getting people to think of themselves as part of a larger, collaborative community. However, changing people's behavior doesn't come easily, especially if they've been used to working independently.

Yet, when people are passionate about something, they find a way to create a dialogue that can lead to new knowledge and new possibilities. Applying technology to provide easy access for societal dialogue has the promise of peer-to-peer co-creation of knowledge and rapid consensus solution-building.

Today's technology holds the promise of quickly connecting problem solvers with problems, converting actionable knowledge into value that transforms the world.

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The most critical knowledge is self-knowledge.

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