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Direct TV HD DVR

It used to be that in order to record a favorite TV show or movie, you had to find a blank tape, program the VCR, and then hope it worked. And if you wanted to record something while you watched another program, figuring out how to do so was difficult at best.

But recording shows onto VHS tapes has become a thing of the past. Now there is DVR, or digital recording video. A DVR works by recording television shows or movies onto a hard drive for easy viewing when it's convenient later on. The DVR box connects to the TV set and satellite receiver, and users program it to record shows. DVR is easier to use than a VCR, which is pretty much obsolete now, and has more features. In addition, it's much easier to access the shows you have saved.

Direct TV's DVR also records up to 100 hours of programming. Shows you've watched can be deleted after viewing, and favorites can be stored for watching any time or for burning onto a DVD.

The major DVR brand in the United States is Tivo. By itself, Tivo must be purchased by getting the actual box itself, and then purchasing the service for it. Now, however, satellite companies are incorporating DVR into the set-top receivers or including Tivo access in their subscriptions.

Direct TV HD DVR

If you have Direct TV or plan on subscribing for service from Direct TV, they have a variety of packages for Tivo. If you order the service through Direct TV, they will usually include the equipment and installation, depending on the promotion going on at the time. In order to get Tivo from Direct TV, you will need to order their premium package.

Direct TV's Tivo system is nice as it is part of their DVR package, so you can get DVR capabilities at the same time as Tivo.

Additional Tivo units for other television sets are generally extra, unless Direct TV is offering a promotion for more than one room to be set up with Tivo.

Direct TV's HD DVR comes with a number of features, including:

  • Automatic updates. You need only choose the shows you would like the DVR to record. From there, it stores each show to be watched at your convenience. In addition, if the show changes times or days or is cancelled, the DVR updates automatically.
  • Playback features. Direct TV's HD DVR allows users to pause, rewind, fast-forward, and slow motion both recorded shows as well as shows you are watching without recording.
  • Flexible recording capabilities. Direct TV's HD DVR allows you to record more than one program at once, or watch one show while you record another.
  • Easy programming. With DVR, you can enter keywords based on subject, actors, or directors, and the DVR machine will seek them out and record them, even if you don't know the name of the program. For example, you can enter "John Wayne" into the Tivo and it will automatically find and record all movies in which he stars in. Or, if you enjoy Westerns, you can enter "Westerns" into the Tivo and it will record all movies with that subject matter as well.

Direct TV's DVR provides a variety of programming and recording options for people who don't want to miss their favorite TV shows.

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