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How to compare digital photo printers

Choosing a digital photo printer can be a lot to think about.What you are looking for can be found, with just a little bit of research.Spending that extra time before a purchase can greatly reduce the chance of buyer's remorse.

Here are a few things that you can take into consideration before you shop for a digital photo printer.These different areas can give you a good idea of what you are looking for when you go into buy one.


Price is usually something that does make a difference in your shopping.It is a good idea to have a price range in mind before shopping.The range can be a large or small as you want.But making up your mind before shopping will help you to get what you want and not be pressured into something more than you need.


If you have had a good experience with a specific brand, then you can stick with that.If you have your digital camera already, then buying the same brand of printer can be advantageous.Every store will recommend a different brand, so do your homework before hand.These are some brand ideas or search around and find another one, HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Olympus, or Kodak.


- Know what platform your computer is.Make sure that the printer you pick is compatible with the computer you own.Common platform types are Mac, PC, and UNIX.Some brands will be compatible with more than one, but be sure before your purchase.
- Know what media size you will be printing out.There are compact printers if you aren't going to need pictures bigger than a snapshot.Then you can't go wrong with a smaller printer.If you are going to be printing with regular sized paper, then you could look at an all inclusive printer.If you are going to be printing large photos, you will need a specialized printer that can hold a larger paper.
- Resolution may be something that is important to you.Resolution is measured in DPI.And the resolution will be different in color and black printing.Know what resolution you are looking for if this is a factor in your decision.
- How fast you get pictures back may make a difference to you.Speed is measured in PPM.Keep in mind that faster isn't always better.For many people speed is not a big issue, if this is the case then any PPM should work just fine.
- Are you looking for color photos or monochrome pictures?Don't be afraid of that big word, it just means black and white.Some printers can do both of these, but some are only monochromatic.
- How do you want to hook up your printer?Are you running a wireless office and don't want to have to plug in or are you not so sure of wireless yet?Again, some printers can go either way, but make sure that the one you pick will be able to network how you want.Know what adapters you will need to buy as well to get set up with your new printer.
- Does laser or inkjet matter to you?They print very differently and they may make a difference in your prints.
- Looking for a warranty?Some printers will offer a warranty package at extra cost and some will be included.Be sure you are covered for at least two years.The warranty can come from the printer's company or from the store.

These should give you some ideas for choosing your printer.The comparisons should help in your decision and make the decision process more bearable.Knowing what you want will make your shopping experience more bearable too.

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