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How to keep a computer running smoothly

In this day and age, technology is changing faster than we can possibly keep up with it!You do your research and go out and buy a nice, top-of-the-line laptop; you take good care of it by installing new programs and software when they become available, and the next year your laptop is a relic of the Stone Age.It's almost ridiculous how quickly technology can become out of date.And we all know how very expensive it can be to constantly be replacing your old, out of date equipment.So in order to keep your technology running smoothly and help it to last as long as possible, you must keep your equipment as clean and like-new as possible.This article will teach you how to keep your computer and laptop safe from viruses, spies, and other attackers that are out there just waiting to damage your technology.So keep reading and learn some tips to keeping a computer running smoothly.

The most important part of keeping your technology, especially your computers running smoothly, is by keeping them virus free.Here are three ways to keep viruses away from your computer:

1. Anti-virus software: you should have some kind of anti-virus software installed on your computer at all times.Checking for viruses on your laptop is probably the most important thing you can do each week.You should update your virus program each week to ensure maximum virus protection
2. Firewall software: You should also have a firewall program that you keep up to date.Remember that your laptop contains personal data that you don't want anyone to be able to access.Be sure that you check your firewall weekly for updates and to ensure that it's running smoothly.
3. Use anti-spyware software.Spyware, as the name suggests, allows others to "spy" on your computer.It allows valuable information to be stolen from your computer, can take control of your internet browser, or interfere with your productivity by sending you large amount of advertising, some of which can be very offensive or even scandalous.

Another way to keep your computers running smoothly is by doing the following things:

1. Automatic updates: Your computer or laptop has the ability to make automatic updates on most types of programs.Most of these updates are very useful and will prevent your laptop from becoming out of date more quickly.It will also prevent it from becoming bogged down with slow and inefficient programs.
2. Clean your hard drive: Part of keeping your computer up to date is keeping it free of unwanted and unused programs.Your computer or laptop will surely not last as long if it is not taken care of.So each month you should take the time to go through your hard drive and look at the files you've accumulated.Determine which ones are obsolete and delete them.If you have downloaded a program that you only needed for a limited period of time, properly un-install it.
3. Defrag your hard drive: Defragging your hard drive is another way to help your laptop remain up to date and healthy. You should defrag about once a month.This will help your programs run more quickly and make better use of the space on your hard drive.You should also notice fewer software crashes or freeze ups if you defrag regularly.
4. Avoid unnecessary junk.Avoid downloading fancy screensavers, emotions, smiley faces, etc.They often have more than just a cute face attached (i.e. viruses) to them and just take up unnecessary space on your computer.You don't' need them so don't waste time and space on your computer by bogging it down.

Doing these eight suggestions will allow you to keep your computer running smoothly.

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