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Newest multi-use phones

PDA19095472.jpg Phones have been around forever.They have evolved into little computers that can do just about anything.Instead of carrying around a ton of little gadgets, you can now only carry around one.Here are some of the newest multi-use phones on the market.

The Iphone has been around for about a year.It is one of the newest inventions because it has a touch screen on it instead of something to click on all the time.It is a phone and a palm pilot.You can connect to the internet and send emails and do everything you would do normally on a palm pilot or even a laptop.It also allows you to store music.There is a new version that just came out.You have to pay full price for the phone, and it can only be bought at an Apple store.

Blackberry's are probably the best multi-use phones ever invented.You can use it as a little computer because you can send emails, use it as a phone, and use it as an organizer.They are great for businesses and great for people who need an organizer and a phone.Most cell phone companies sell them and many different styles.If you are thinking about getting one for you, this is a great option.

The Nokia 6800 is a great alternative to Blackberrys.It has a full keyboard so you don't have to worry about a smaller one.It allows you to access email and allows you to write longer messages than most phones.You can also send a message to more than one person at a time.

The Sony Ericsson T616 is a great deal.It has wireless internet built in.You can access your email through it too.It has a 65,000 LCD color display too.It is a great bargain if you are looking for something that is a little more than just a phone.

The Sony Ericsson P900 is a great phone for people who love to play games on their phones.Instead of bringing your Gameboy try using this instead.You can download games from many different websites, and play with a graphics screen that has 208 x 320 pixel resolutions.It also has great sound for the games.

The Samsung SGH-P705 is great for people who like to watch movies on their phone.It has a 263,144 LCD color display.It is great for watching television when you aren't near one at all.

The Kyocera Slider V5 is another great option.It is a slider phone, so people who are into the next big thing will like it.It allows you to go on the internet also.Many phones are like this, but it is a slider which is something that is kind of new to the market.

There are many great phones out there on the market today.Every company is bringing out something new all the time.Shop around for a while to see what you want.There is most likely a phone that is perfect for you.Phones get outdated pretty fast, so if you are looking for one to last a long time, try finding something that has everything you want and need.It will most likely last you a while or at least until your next upgrade.

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