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Options for full keyboard phones

Options for full keyboard phones. What is a full keyboard phone? This is the first thing we need to know, if we want to look at the options that are available. A full keyboard phone is one that is called a smart phone. They have the full functioning PC capabilities.

These mobile phones have advance options and features. There are completely operation based full keyboard phones and also those that are a little more basic. The more basic phones still have better features than the standard cell phones, but doe not necessarily have the same computer technology capabilities.

A full keyboard phone is usually referred to also as a Qwerty phone. There is also a touch screen or a D-pad for use in addition to many other types of accessories.

You will find that part of these full keyboard phones have many or some of these features. Lets take a look at what options are available for these full keyboard phones.

Contact management
Build in functionality
Operating systems
Internet use
Email use
Personal organizers
Media player software
MP3 player
Note pad
Predictive keyboard
Touch screen
Stylus differences
Much more

Here are a few different options you can look at when choosing which full keyboard phone will work for you. The key is finding the right full keyboard phone that has the options and features you want.

- The Apple iPhone, this phone has the operating system X from Apple. There is the Qwerty keyboard, a decent camera in addition to a Wi-Fi connection.
- E-10 Glofish X500, this one also has a soft Qwerty keyboard, camera, Windows mobile OS, GPS and Wi-Fi connection.
- Nokea E-70, this phone has a Symbian OS, there is a full Qwerty keyboard when open and number with T9 when closed, camera, and finally this phone also has a Wi-Fi connection.
- Rim Blackberry 8800, this phone has a full Qwerty keyboard, Blackberry OS, camera and GPS.
- Sony Ericsson P990, this phone has a full Qwerty keyboard, in addition to soft, and numeric with T9. It works with the Symbian OS, and has a decent camera and Wi-Fi connection.
- Toshiba Protégé G900, this comes with Windows mobile 6.0, a full Qwerty keyboard, and decent camera, in addition to HSDPA and a Wi-Fi connection.
- Samsung Blackjack, this comes with Windows mobile 5.0 OS, a full Qwerty keyboard, a decent camera, and HSDPA.
- Motorola Q, this phone comes with Windows mobile, a full Qwerty keyboard, and an internal GPS and no public interface, there is also a decent camera.

Here is a little information about the different options for operating systems you will find in these phones.

Symbian Os

This is probably the most used OS in the cell phone industry. Though there has been some question in the virus areas, the OS tends to be a favorite all around the world.

Windows mobile

This OS is not as popular, however has carried its weight in the cell phone world. There are some benefits that are found with this OS.


This is Apples OS and has some limitations, however also has some great benefits for cell phone use.

Rim Blackberry OS

This is a rather operational based OS, works well in its settings, but again has limited popularity in the cell phone industry.

These are the options for the full keyboard phones that you have. You will find that they all have great styles, features and usability. The key is finding the phone that will work for your needs.

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