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Options for Networking

Networking deals with the communication between computers.Networking must involve at least two devices (one of them being a computer).Networking allows computers to exchange and/or share information.
There are mainly two types of Internet networks that are available: LAN or WAN.LAN stands for Local Area Network.This network does not cover a very large area and can only provide networking for a fairly small number of people.Peer-to-peer networks usually occur within the LAN network.Peer-to-peer networks can share their resources with others in the LAN network.These networks are usually seen in small businesses or homes.Computers can be joined together by a cable, or they can all be connected to a network hub.
WAN stands for Wide Area Network.This wireless has a much bigger range than LAN.WAN can either cover a large domestic area or it can have international coverage.Companies that have offices in different countries use WAN to network their computers.

After you decide if you want to be connected to a LAN or a WAN, you need to choose if you want a wireless connection or a wired connection.Wireless connections require a router.You will want to put this router somewhere in your home or office where it will allow you to connect to the network no matter where you are at in your home or office.If you have a big building, you might need to get two routers.You don't want to have any "dead places", which are spots where computers cannot connect to the router.This will happen if a computer is too far away from the router.If the wireless connection has a router, multiple computers can network to each other.Wireless networks are nice because the only cable required is the one coming out of the router.Each individual computer does not require a cable.This allows for mobility, especially if you are dealing with lap tops.
If you are going to use the Network to connect your computers to the Internet, each computer will need a wireless card.Most computers these days come with wireless cards as a standard feature.Also if you are connecting your router needs a firewall.A firewall will protect your network from any possible viruses it could get from being connected to the Internet.If you decide to have a wireless network, you will need to protect it from others connecting to your network by getting the signal from your router.There are different wireless security options you can look into when you set up your router.
If you decide not to go with the wireless option for networking, you can set up a wired network.
Wired networks would be a good way to go if all of the computers you are networking are in the same room.Wired networks still require a router in order to connect all of the computers to the same network.You can connect your wired network to the Internet also.
Not only can you use your network to connect all of the computers to the Internet, you can use networking to share printers, scanners, and other devices.You can also access files and documents on each computer if they are on the network.
Bluetooth technology is another way to network information between devices.Both devices must have bluetooth features and must be within a few meters of each other in order to send a receive information.Networking opens up many options for communication when it comes to technology.Figure out what your needs are in order to determine which networking option works best for you!

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