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Protective gear for MP3's

Protective gear for MP3's, what is available to make sure your MP3 is safe? There are so many times I can remember dropping my cell phone, or seeing a friend drop theirs. You hear those few seconds of cussing under the breath. Then a quick look at the cell phone for damage, and since it is probably ok, all is well again.

However, MP3 players are not as rugged. They have a higher level of delicacy in the technology and build. Thus, dropping your MP3 player even one time could be a cause for a trip to the repair shop. That also means that if you don't have insurance, an added cost.

So the best thing to do, in the case of an MP3 player, is to make sure to protect the MP3 player with all the options that are available. Ok, forget the bulletproof vest. That may be a little bit of overkill. But, how about checking out some of these other cool and protective items.

Here is a scenario to get your mind going:

You are heading out for a nice walk around the local mall, or hardware store. You have you wallet, your tunes (MP3 player) and your mind set on what you are looking for. You have on your favorite walk around Levi's on.

You tuck your MP3 into your back Levis pocket. Then you are off. You sit down in your car and hear crack.

Now that is the MP3 player screaming for help. You either just bent the case, or you cracked the LCD screen. Now it must be sent in for repair. This is one of the most common repairs that occur for MP3 players.

Other than the all to annoying " I sat on my MP3 player" There is the "Ooops, I dropped my MP3 player". This result is broken pieces, cracked screens, damaged devices, and much more.

Ok, so you already know that there are many ways to break an MP3 player. What can you do to protect that expensive little device that brings you hours of pleasure?

- The case. There are thin clear plastic covers for the MP3 players. This thin cover protects from basic bumps, scratches etc. It will run you around $20 and is a great saver in many situations. Well worth the money.
- The other options for protection in those oops drops, are the silicone jackets. Those are a bit more protective for those accidents. These will run you around $35 and are also a great deal when you consider the cost of repair and replacement of your MP3 player.
- Then you also have basic screen covers. It simple protects the screen from scratches. This is a good thing if you want to keep the screen safe. Even if you have another stronger case for protection.
- However, if you want the ultimate protection for your MP3 player. You can look at getting the hard cases that are available. The hard cases do very well with drops etc.
- These different types of cases not only protect from some dropping, and incidences like that. But, it also prevents dirt and dust from entering into the electrical parts.
- There are also cases that can help with water prevention. Now, I don't know that it would stop water if you soaked the MP3 player in the water. However, I do believe that they help with accidental quick drops, or even spill.

Whichever the case, it is better to provide yourself and your MP3 player with the protection you can. It is either that, or is prepared to pay for repair or replacement. This is some of the protective gear that is available for MP3 players. It is still a good idea to check out the extended warranties. However this is a good way to get you into the right direction of protecting the devices that are great enjoyment.

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