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Some of the most popular tech gadgets

It seems like there is always a new latest and greatest version of various tech tools and gadgets coming out all the time. Larger memory, better design, and unimaginable features make it difficult to keep up with all the latest gadgets that are making their way into the market.

With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which ones you can and can't live without. The following are just a few of the newest gadgets you can't live without:

  • Apple iPod. Walk down any busy street and chances are you'll see a large number of people with little white earbuds in their ears. These ubiquitous headphones belong to Apple's iPod, which comes in a number of versions, from the little Nano, which stores up to the iPod Classic, which holds movies, videos, and songs, and the iPod Shuffle, there are plenty of different ones to choose from. iPods will allow you to listen to music, podcasts, or watch movies and videos anywhere you go.
  • Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth headset is simply a wireless headset for your cellular phone. This is a great gadget because it allows you to talk on the phone with crystal clear reception without tying up your hands to hold your cell phone. In addition, as more and more cities are outlawing cell phones while driving, the Bluetooth is a much safer way to talk and drive.
  • Accounting software. Whether you use the latest versions of Quicken or Microsoft Money, you should definitely be using some type of accounting software to budget, track expenses, and set bill reminders. It also makes it easier to prepare for tax time.
  • Smartphone. A Smartphone is a handy gadget that combines the features of a wireless telephone with a PDA. (Personal Digital Assistant.) With a number of different phones to choose from there's something for everyone. You can even send and receive emails from your phone. This is especially convenient for people who are always on the go and don't have regular access to their emails.
  • Kodak V570 digital camera. With two built-in lenses (zoom and wide-angle), this digital camera is a must for any photography buff. The two lenses allow you to zoom up close as well as capture images in a wide angle. In addition, photographers will like the 180-degree panorama option. The camera has a seam finder that guides you are you take three shots at just the right location to cover the whole panorama. The camera will then automatically stitch the shots together, creating a 180-degree panorama.
  • Turbo Charge. Instead of running out of cell phone batteries at the most inopportune times, the Turbo Charger lets you charge your cell phone in an emergency. The small tube looks like a tube of lipstick and requires one AAA battery. It will give you enough power to make a few necessary quick calls.
  • Nintendo Wii. No longer are video games just for kids - adults and children alike are enjoying the Nintendo Wii, which is popular in retirement and nursing homes as well as children's rooms across the country. Fun games and titles and motion sensing controllers make it appealing and fun. While it was almost impossible to find a Wii over the holidays, now they are easier to find.

These are just a few of the gadgets on the market today that will make your life easier and more entertaining.

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