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When is enough: Enough?

Keeping your Business Website Fresh and Unique:

Google PR, SE optimization, Keywords, Content, and More Content.

That is the beauty of the information hi-way. It is like taking a
road trip for the first time. The excitement, the unknown, and the
mystery. Searching but not knowing exactly what lies ahead.

As I travel the information hi-way, I wonder: When is enough: Enough?

We continually add new content and information to our websites. Each
day presents a new problem, a new solution, and a new revelation.

I, like many Webmasters, have become obsessive about my WebPages.
Each day I evaluate, and re-evaluate the content of my site.

Have I added enough links?
Do I have enough articles?
Do I have enough information to keep my visitors attention?

I check that little green line, like it is my lifeline.

Keeping your business website fresh and unique:

1. Write articles and add Free E-books that are relevant to your site.

2. Visit high ranking websites. DO NOT IMITATE THEM. Use them to gain ideas and become creative.

3. Add your own touch and personality to your pages.

4. Be consistent. Once you have decided on a theme keep it going throughout your pages

5. Link to websites that are relevant to your site.

6. Do not over inundate your site with banners. Find a balance between banners and text ads.

7. Make your site easy to navigate. Add buttons, navigation tools etc.

8. Keep the content honest and open. Stay away from false promises and money making embellishments.

Facts to take into consideration:

It takes repetitive ads throughout your website to attract your
potential customers and or future Business Associates.

You need to convey confidence and trust throughout your pages.

Therefore, adding content is a never ending process. As the
information hi-way becomes more traveled, more information is
desired and you will need to provide that information, in order to
stay out of the "black holes" of cyberspace.

Enough is never Enough.

Written by Tina Rideout, successful Work at Home Team Member and
author of Work from Home 101, The Ultimate Guide to Building a Home
Based Business. For more information visit her at

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