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Which pocket PC is best?

Pocket PCs.You see them everywhere, especially in the business world.True, they might be a pain for those who feel like they can never escape from their jobs, but in reality they have made communication much easier and faster.If you're in the market for a pocket PC, you may be wondering which PC would be best for you.Learn a bit about pocket PCs here.

A Pocket PC, which is sometimes abbreviated as P/PC or PPC, is a hardware specification for a hand held sized computer (also known as a Personal Digital Assistant) that runs the Windows Mobile operating system.Some pocket PCs have the capability to run an alternative operating system like NetBSD or Linux.Pocket PCs have many of the capabilities of modern desktop PCs, but are small enough to take anywhere you might want to go.Even into the bathroom

There are currently thousands of applications for pocket PCs that adhere to the Microsoft Pocket PC specification, many of which are freeware.Some of these devices also include mobile phone features.New phones such as Blackberries or Iphones may be included in the pocket PC genre.Microsoft compliant Pocket PCs can also be used with many other add-ons like GPS receivers, barcode readers and cameras.

So what exactly constitutes a pocket PC?According to Microsoft, a pocket PC is a device that allows users to store and retrieve email, contacts, appointments, play multimedia files, games, send text messages, browse the internet, and even more.Technically, a pocket PC is believe by Microsoft to be a "specification that sets various hardware and software requirements for mobile devices bearing the pocket PC label."For example, to be considered a pocket PC, the device must have the following capabilities:
- be able to run Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition
- include a touchscreen
- include a touchpad or directional pad
- include a set of hardware application buttons
- be based on an ARM version 4, compatible CPU, Intel Xscale CPU, MIPS CPU or SH3 CPU.

Here's a brief review of some of the more common pocket PCs:
AT&T Tilt? This pocket PC has a GPS, slide out and up keyboard, an excellent camera that has 3 megapixels and an auto focus lens, and Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

BlackBerry Curve 8320? This new BlackBerry has a great addition above and beyond other pocket PCs- WiFi.And not just WiFi for web browsing, but WiFi for phone calls.It also has a great media player, a camera with 2 megapixels, and an excellent voice recorder.

Apple iPhone? The new iPhone is wildly innovative and has a unique touch screen that is gesture sensitive and even knows when it's close to your face to turn the screen off.It's very fast and probably has the best web browser of all pocket PCs.It works with both Macs and PCs, has a full iPod video and capable email client.

HTC S630? This pocket PC has a 2 megapixel camera and is very light weight.One extra feature is that it will work anywhere in the world with its new triband world phone.

Motorola Q9m? This pocket PC is a great improvement on previous Motorola pocket PCs.It has good looks, excellent build quality, stereo speakers and a great thumb keyboard.It is a bit lacking, however, on the camera, with only a 1.3 megapixels.

All of these pocket PCs come in a variety of prices.The best way to decide which pocket PC is best is to simply decide what you want and then go from there.For example, if you don't care about taking great pictures with your pocket PC, the Morotola Q may be just fine for your needs.Or if you plan to spend a great deal of time listening to music, you may want the iPhone.It's really up to you.

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