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Wireless Networks

One of the most amazing technology advancements is the development of wireless networks.Wireless networks allow people to communicate quickly and efficiently.They allow communication through words and sound to spread quickly without the use of cables.
When people hear the words "wireless networks", they often think of wireless Internet.That is one kind of wireless network, but not the only one.There are many others that often get overlooked.
Wireless networks have been used for quite a while now.Wireless networks were used way back in World War II.They would send data through wireless signals.They would send battle plans across the Atlantic Ocean.
There are many different wireless networks.Some include the radio, telephone, satellites, cell phones, and wireless Internet.

The radio and telephone have increased our communication.The first telephone used radio waves to transmit sound.Overtime radio and telephone capabilities keep advancing.There are now many radio stations.There has even been the development of XM radio, which is available no matter where you are (even up in the mountains) for a small yearly fee.
Satellites are also part of a wireless network.Satellite television is very popular.You can get many channels by just having a receiver on your roof.
Cell phones are another part of a wireless network that has increased our communication abilities.Almost everyone has a cell phone now days.Pay phones are being seen less frequently.The number of people who have a home telephone line is also decreasing.There is little need for a home phone when you have a cell phone that you can take wherever you want and that gets service in most areas.Cell phones not only increase communication by mouth, but by words and pictures also.Text messaging is a way to send written messages from your cell phone to another.If you have a camera phone, you can also send pictures to other cell phones.Some phones even have video capabilities.More and more cell phone towers are being built to provide cell phone service in most parts of the world.
Out of all of the advancements with wireless networks, one of the most profound is the advancement of wireless Internet.You no longer have to be sitting at your computer that is plugged in the wall to the electricity and the telephone line.You can be almost anywhere and still have access to the content on the web.Wireless networks allow on-line content to be viewed through wireless devices such as laptop computers, cell phones, and hand-helds.Wireless networks have helped the business world tremendously.People can check their email and communicate almost wherever they are.One disadvantage to wireless Internet is that the speed is not as fast as most land lines.Wireless technology will continue to increase, until one day it is faster and land lines will be very few.Wireless Internet is becoming available in many places.There are many coffee shops and stores that have free wireless Internet.It is also available to get in your own home, for a fairly low monthly cost.
Wireless networks have increased our capability to share information and communication across the world.To review how wonderful wireless networks are, let's go over the three main benefits:

Benefits of Wireless Networks:
1.Increase Communication Abilities - We are able to communicate across the world, whether it be through satellite, e-mail, or by telephone.
2.Speed of Communication - We can communicate much faster through wireless networks, especially wireless Internet.Emailing is much faster than mailing a letter.
3.Easy accessibility - Wireless networks allow easy accessibility no matter where you are.You can use your cell phone almost anywhere, and get wireless Internet in most places.

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