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4 ways to set up a multi-person MySpace login

Some social networking sites that are geared strictly for businesses allow a multi-person login. This allows you to assign different people with log in names and passwords but they can all access the same profile. With multi-person log ins a group of people can edit the same profile, but rather than sharing an account they all have one of their own.

MySpace does not have a multi-person log in. When you create a profile on MySpace you have to register with an email address. So when more than one user registers they are using a different email address which in turn gives them a separate profile.

If you are a business that is using MySpace to help advertise your business and you want more than one person to be able to change the layout or add things to your profile your options are extremely limited.

Here are some ways that you can allow people to access your profile to make changes.

Option one:
Create a generic email address and password. Then supply the employees with the email address and password. This will give them unlimited access to your profile. With this option you can pick and choose which employees you give access to, but sometimes using a generic email address and a common password, employees that you do not want to give access to can figure out the email address and password quite easily. To help solve this problem do not use passwords that are commonly used in the office. For example your street address, office telephone number, and other common numbers. Always use a combination of letters and numbers.

Option two:
Rather than create just a generic log in name, since this would involve setting up a generic email account, you can simply allow all employees to create a profile on MySpace for your company. They can add their own friends and family to their friends list, which will help to expand your company's friends list because you will be guaranteed to have a bigger base. Also each employee has their own ideas and creative ways, while some might understand MySpace better than others you can get a variety of designs to promote your business.

Option three:
This option would go along with the second option but it is created a little different. Many of your employees probably already have a MySpace account so what you can do is create a Group on MySpace that is for your business and allow other members to join the group. With creating groups on MySpace you can allow other users to post images, blogs, or bulletins or you can block that access. You can also have your group set up to be viewed by the public or only by members, most business should choose public view so that they can increase their advertising.

With the group created you can design the layout anyway you wish, just like a regular MySpace account. With a MySpace group you can choose to approve people who join your group or you can allow open access, which means anybody can join without your approval. As a business you should probably approve your members rather than allow anybody to join that way if you find inappropriate content on users profiles it will not be linked to your business.

Option four:
Being that MySpace is registered through an email; you can choose to use an email address that your management team currently shares. Some companies only have one email address per a department. If you only want your marketing team to have access to MySpace simply use their shared email address and create a password for them.

Since MySpace does not allow multi-users to log in under one account your options are pretty limited. The options listed above are only a few options that you can choose from, in talking with your IT department you might be able to come up with a more secure way of doing this.

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