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What is the difference between managing and leading?

ladyspresentation26239036.jpgAnyone that is given the responsibility to become a manager knows the difficulties that can arise. You need to have a number of different skills in order to be a good manager. There is one thing that you must learn to understand and that is the difference between managing and leading. This article will discuss the difference between the two skills:

First let's talk about managing. What is managing exactly? As a whole, managing refers to "overseeing one or more employees in a single or multiple departments". Your main focus is not only to oversee them, you need to make sure all the duties and responsibilities of the department are carried out properly.

For most small businesses, the manager has one of the most important responsibilities and that is to make sure the business runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Mangers must be able to handle all of the small problems that arise like an employee calling in sick, issues with deliveries, and fixing the complaints of customers. In some ways the managers of small businesses have a larger responsibility than the managers or larger organizations as they have so many duties to be concerned with.

Handling changes is another big aspect of being a manager. You must be able to learn how properly implement changes so that all of your employees are able to stand behind them and follow them. Change is hard and as a manager it will be one of your toughest challenges. Look for ways to slowly introduce changes for your employees that are resisting the changes and just can't seem to get behind them.

Managers are responsible for setting goals for their employees and to push them. A manager wants to look for the different management styles that have been used and find a way to improve them. Managers must pay attention to the individual needs of their employees and look for a way to challenge them and help them think outside the box.

Being a leader is a little different from being a manager. As a manager you need to be in charge of overseeing all the little details of the company. As a leader, you want to find a way to gain the support of your employees and have them follow you no matter where you will go.

In order to be a great manager, you need to look outside the organization and take a look at the market along with your competition. Looking outward and toward the future is one of the best ways to bring your employees with you into the future. A manager works mostly on controlling things on a daily basis to make sure the business continues to function while a leader wants to find ways to make the business head into the future in the right direction.

A leader needs to learn how to look for the problems within an organization and search for ways to fix them. This is not always going to be easy, especially if your company has not had a good leader come through and plug the "leaks" from many of the previous years.

A leader must learn to think outside the box. A leader must be able to come up with creative ideas that their employees will get excited about and they will look forward to it. If you learn how to be a great leader, it won't take long for you to take your company into the right direction and to help your employees recognize this change.

If you can learn how to combine the two skills into one, you will be hailed as a great leader and manager for your organization.

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