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5 Easy Steps to Staying Motivated

It's a typical evening... you've just come home from your "Day Job" exhausted from a long day; your significant other wants to spend time with you, maybe you have kids that need your attention, you have bills to pay, chores to do, dinner to make, and sleep to get before getting up and doing it all over again tomorrow! What a grind!

You know that you want to build your own home-based Internet business so you can get out from under your daily grind and live the life you are dreaming of. So how in the world do you motivate yourself to find the extra time every
day to build your business??

You are in luck, because this isssue of our newsletter will give you some quick and easy steps to help you to find the time to work on your business and still have time for the hundreds of other things you need to do!

The process starts with knowing what you need to get done. Since you are reading this newsletter, we'll assume that you've already got a business idea in mind and that you have a specific goal in mind. Probably something like
making more than you spend every month!!.

That's the first step... Know what you are working for. If you don't have a final goal in mind, you are going to have a really hard time becoming successful.

The second step is to set milestones to reach your final goal. Just sit down and brainstorm all of the things that you need to do to be successful. Things like.. build my subscriber list, create/update my website, send out my newsletter, advertise, make phone calls, etc.... Don't worry about the details right now, just make a complete list of all the tasks you need to accomplish.

The third step is to break your milestones into manageable time chunks. Here at Build Passive Income, we set a monthly plan and then break that down into weekly tasks.

For example, our monthly goals are things like:

- increase our subscriber list by 10%
- find 3-4 new products to add to the web site
- find 3-5 new eZines to advertise in
- etc... Then we take those monthly goals and break them down into weekly tasks. Things like:

- subscribe to 2 new eZines
- add 1 new product to our website resources page
- make 5 phone calls to webmasters

The fourth step is to pick one of your weekly tasks and tackle it each day. Pick a time that you can devote just to your business task. Maybe it's early in the morning, before your day starts, or maybe one evening; the time doesn't
really matter as long as it fits your schedule.

Usually we can complete our daily tasks in 30-60 minutes. Once we finish our daily task, we know that we can stop and go about all of our other, non-business chores and feel good about working to achieve our goals!

What a great stress reliever!!

Finally, the fifth step is to periodically review your plan to see how you are doing against your goals. Every week or two, we sit down and compare our progress with our goals. If we need to adjust our plan, we do, but usually we just use the time to map out our next month or quarterly plan.

So, there you have it... 5 easy steps to keeping yourself motivated and working on your business, without having to pull all-nighters or have excess stress.

Copyright 2004 Foreman Enterprises
by Wayne Foreman

Wayne and Scott Foreman are co-owners of
They just published a report on creating and building income that keeps working even when you're not. Check it out here:

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