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How to make the most of technology as a manager

As a manager, technology can be one of your best friends. Among other things, it has the ability to bring customers and clients together and can help you organize and prioritize your tasks, increasing efficiency and overall production.

Before you can make the most of technology, it helps to know the various forms and what they can do for your business:

- Video conferencing. If you have clients or associates who are located in a different city, state, or even country, video conferencing is one form of technology that can be helpful in the workplace. Video conferences utilize technology to allow business groups to meet without leaving their own offices. Meetings are held in real-time and displayed over screens or television monitors, and the parties can see each other as they discuss various issues or negotiate. Video conferences are similar to a conference call, only you can see the other people instead of just being able to hear voices.

This form of technology is expensive to set up, but it often costs as much as just one business trip. Video conferencing is cost-effective and allows you to save money on travel expenses.

- The Internet. The internet is a useful tool for managers as well as employees as it can allow you to do research, send emails, get new ideas, place orders, and a myriad of other daily tasks. You can make the most of internet use of your employees by blocking access to unnecessary websites and by monitoring surfing time and technology.

While this idea has come under fire, technology allows managers to monitoremployee computer use. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. It increases productivity, as employees who are being monitored are less likely to spend hours surfing the web when they should be working, and it increases workplace security.
- Administration tools and software. You can save a lot of hassle as a manager in terms of payroll and other housekeeping tasks by utilizing software that tracks these things for you. Employees log in and record their time, while managers approve the times quickly online.

How to make the most of technology
The following tips will help you to make the most of technology as a manager:
1. Know how to use it. Technology is great, but it is also useless if you don't know how to properly access its features or operate it. Make sure you are properly trained on each machine, type of software, or service in order to maximize efficiency. In addition, make sure your employees are aware of this too.
2. Stay updated. It's important to stay abreast of the latest in technology, as it can greatly increase your production and services if used correctly. Read the trade magazines managers often receive and be aware of the types of tools competitorsuse as well.
3. Be discerning. You don't always need the latest and the greatest. Before investing in new technology, make sure it's something your company can really use. Ask yourself these questions: How will this benefit the company? How long will it take to train employees on it? How will it improve our current system? How long will it take to recoup the money we spent on it?

By being informed and knowledgeable about various products and services, you can make the most of technology with in the workplace.

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