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Air filtration in the office to reduce employee sick days

Hopefully it is not new news to you that using air filtration in the office can reduce employee sick days.You should know that air-born contaminants are a leading factor for common illnesses that can make your employees feel ill and call in sick for work.Obviously, indoor air quality is a serious concern.It is the business/building owner's responsibility to ensure that working environments are clean and safe.That means ensuring that the air employees breathe has been filtered and is as safe as possible.Ultimately, air filtration in the office will reduce employee sick days due to respiratory illnesses.

Employee absence due to illness is a huge concern.Sick pay and in this case when the illness is caused by the business can lead to high pay outs.As the business owner you are responsible for the health of the employees that are a direct result of their working environment.Respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma are just a few conditions that poor indoor air quality can lead too.Using air filtration in the office is the smart way to prevent these problems.

Indoor air quality was a huge problem in the 90's.Now after shocking results found by the EPA, awareness is being raised about this problem.When there is no filtration system in place for re-circulated air (or the air ducts are not clean) indoor air quality has been measured to be 100 times worse than the outdoor air.It is hard to imagine breathing air that is 100 times worse than the already often polluted air outside.

Air filtration in the office is worthwhile for your business because it has been shown that clean air makes for healthier employees. When your employees are healthy they are more productive while they are at work and miss less work due to sickness.Keeping the air clean helps improve employee morale.The same is true for customers.Customers who are uncomfortable because of the air quality in your business are not likely to work you on a regular basis.The customers need to feel safe and comfortable in your place of work or they will take their business elsewhere.

Studies show that a healthy workplace is more productive.OSHA requires that certain air quality specifications be met.It is the building manger's responsibility to control, dust, smoke and other contaminants in the work place.

Not only will air filtration in the office reduce employee sick days, but it can also help you to maintain your equipment.A contaminant free working environment will prevent the entry of microscopic dust and other particle from your valuable machinery and equipment.Over time these particles can jam up your operation and lead to costly cleaning bills, repairs, and even replacements.Also, an air filtration system is your company's first line of defense against accidents such as toxic fume emitting spills or acts of bioterrorism.

Air filtration in other places such as schools and public buildings are also big contributors to keeping you healthy.Some companies are going the extra mile to promote respiratory wellness by using mist and dust collectors, fume controllers and other devices to keep air quality as high as possible.

Air filtration in the office is in the best interest of all parties involved.Employees will feel better in knowing that the air they are breathing is as safe as possible and that they will not have to worry as much about getting sick while they are at work.Employers are happy because they can expect healthy employees to take fewer sick days and be more productive while they are at work.

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