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Anger Management Counseling

Everyone gets angry form time to time.It is when controlling that anger becomes an issue that professional help is needed.Anger management counseling allows an individual the opportunity of talking with a healthcare professional in the attempt to resolve their problems of controlling the rage that they feel.In a recent Gallop poll, it was found that 20% of employees asked reported that they have felt angry enough to "hurt" a co-worker in just the last 6 months.Literally thousands of employees, managers and innocent bystanders are being killed or seriously injured as a result of mismanaged anger.The workplace is a dangerous place to be these days.Managing your anger and the anger of your co-workers and employees is more important now than ever before.

Many individuals with anger management issues are what are called "culturally incompetent." These individuals do not act in ways that are taught to be culturally acceptable.For example, people who cannot control their anger are often considered insensitive, un-feeling and lack the ability to effectively talk about the issues that are bothering them.With counseling, these individuals receive the help that they need so that they can at least respect the way that others expect for them to act, even if they themselves do not wish to alter their own personalities.Hopefully you can see how much more complicated altering personal social understanding is than just controlling your temper.

Getting Help

Employee assistance programs are the most common front line of help that employers should have for their employees. Employee assistance programs can help an employee in many areas of difficulty.This of course includes anger management counseling and if needed outside referral making.Federal laws and regulations keep privileged medical information between doctor and patient.The employee can rest assured that their names or identities will not be shared with the company or other outside services.

There are some managers who would rather fire an employee than deal with their anger management problems.The nobler, and quite honestly more beneficial, way to deal with the serious problems brought to your attention by your employees is to get them the help that they need to get their lives on track.As encouraging as it is that more managers are developing a more helpful mentality, not all employees feel comfortable admitting their problems to their managers or even to the Human Resource Department.This is a huge reason why the Employee Assistance Program is such a brilliant idea.The employer can provide a completely confidential way of providing easy to access help to their employees.

On Your Own

It is a hard question to answer completely honestly, but if you believe that you can motivate yourself to take care of anger management problems without the help of an employer, there are two common ways to get help.The first is through literature.There are many published works about how to manage your anger.Also, there are newsletters, on-line chats and toll free numbers run by anger management corporations.The first step to recovery is recognizing that you have an anger management problem.The next step is to do something about it.Know that anger management is a social illness.Your inability to control yourself affects everyone around you.Not only are you a threat to the safety of others, but you are robbing yourself of the benefits of happy and healthy relationships with others.

To avoid discouragement in your quest for anger management realize that there is nothing wrong with feeling angry every now and then.You just need to find a way to deal with that anger as it comes.Loss, pain, stress and frustration are normal emotions.In order to achieve a greater sense of overall happiness and satisfaction, you must find a way to appropriately deal with even the most justifiably upsetting situations.

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