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Annual report design services


A corporation's annual report is one of perhaps their most popular public documents.Annual reports include the year's financial statements in the form of a balance sheet, income statement, auditor's report and a detailed outline of the companies operations for the past year.The annual report is only required by companies who have gone public with their stock.Stockholders are entitled to know how the company has done in the past year so that they can make wise investment decisions.

The importance of the annual report is huge.Not only does it provide information to current stockholders, but because the annual report is available to the public, anyone who wishes can look into the financial well-being of your company.Potential investors will review your annual reports and make determinations about whether or not your company is worth further investment.The financial statement can, at times of financial struggle, make or break your company's financial future.

This is why the design of the annual report is so important.The reason why the annual report is usually a sleek, colorful, high quality piece is because it is an overall reflection of the company.In many cases, the annual report is your only opportunity to make a good impression to both current and potential investors.As a financially savvy individual you know that it is important to look beyond the frill at the numbers.However, the added attractiveness of the document can be a powerful tool in swaying one's opinion to a more positive light.

Below are some suggested methods for seeking help in designing an annual report.Remember that annual report design services may vary in method, but all have the same purpose in mind; to present your companies financial records in the best possible fashion.

On-line Designs
- There are a number of on-line annual report design services.These services usually charge a flat fee for you to enter their site and view many different design options.Some include use of these designs; other sites are intended to be used for ideas and inspiration.This method requires a considerable amount of effort on the annual report preparers side as there is usually no human interaction or possibility for specific council.

Templates - Often you can find software or internet based programs that offer to sell you templates for your annual report. They offer all the text and graphic formatting for you; all you do is insert the information.Although this method ranks high in ease, it is hardly an original way to go.There is only so much that a generic template based annual report can say about your business.Remember that if you are trying to stand out to investors you will need to be more original.

Consulting - If you can hiring a consultant usually yields the most impressive results.Asking a professional to take one on one time to deliver and annual report that is truly reflective of the company itself is full of impact.Although the cost is higher for consulting, you can draw on the expertise of many individuals.Different design professionals can pinpoint your needs and create an annual report that is as impressive as it is unique.

Graphic Design
- Graphic design companies can help you to create a professionally formatted document.Artistic features on a annual report will catch the reader's eye first.Often pictures, colors, and layout speak just as loudly as the words and numbers themselves.

Website/electronic - Some companies decide to go paperless and create a website on which they post their annual report.In this case all of the above suggestions are good; however you will also want to consider hiring a web designer.Web pages are slightly more complicated to navigate than actual hard copies.You need to maintain the attractiveness and originality that is important with an annual report, but you must also consider the ease of use.

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