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Art teacher

Business description:
As an art teacher, you are going to be working on developing the artistic skills and art appreciation of your students. In becoming an art teacher, you are going to be able to conduct art projects and lessons that will allow you to promote creative expressions and grow awareness of colors, shapes, and textures. You will also be able to provide hands-on guidance for your art students to help those complete projects in the medium of your choice.

Materials needed:

  • Work areas - easels or tables depending on what type of art you are teaching

  • Paints - oil, watercolor, etc

  • Clay

  • Paper - different types depending on what medium you will be working with

  • Books on art - how to books, design books, etc.

  • Pencils

  • Paint brushes

  • Kiln - if you are doing ceramics or other types of art that need to be fired

  • Tools - chisels, putty knifes, etc.

Space requirements:
If you are going to be teaching sculpting or something that need to be taught indoors you will need a good sized room, around 26 feet by 30 feet, you can go bigger or smaller depending on how many students you are teaching. Having this large of a room is going to allow you to teach more than one student at a time and give everyone the required space that they need. If you are teaching different types of painting techniques, you can also take your class outside to paint, which natural light in most cases is better than artificial light.

Time requirements:
You are going to need to set aside at least one hour per class that you teach for painting. If you are going to be doing sculpting or something else that is hands on you might want to set aside 2 hours for each class because of the set up involved. You will also need to thoroughly wipe down the room each night, plus vacuum and mop the room. This is going to take anywhere from one to two hours each night.

Income potential:
3 - You can make some money teaching art from home, but you are going to be limited based on how many people are going to sign up to learn.

Keys to success:

  • Most art teachers have some kind of degree in art. You do not need to have a teaching degree to succeed at teaching art, but you have to have some sort of credentials to prove that you have the experience and knowledge to charge people to teach them.

  • You will also need to have a variety of artistic skills. If you want to teach children or adults about art, you are going to need to develop a wide range of art skills, so you can teach on a variety of different skills to your students. To be successful as an art teacher you are going to need to show a proficiency in design, digital arts, art history, and other art related subjects.


  • Safety is the biggest risk you are going to take. With all of the tools and equipment that are around the classroom if you are teaching kids they can misuse tools and get hurt. Not to mention that inhaling some of the fumes can be dangerous for children and adults. The safety risks that you face are going to depend on the age group that you are teaching.

  • Improper ventilation is another risk that you will have to face if you are teaching art out of your home. You will need to make sure that you are using a room that has plenty of windows that can be opened. You should also install fans in the classroom so you can circulate the air.

  • Room not being cleaned well enough is another problem you are going to face. If you do not vacuum and mop the room on a daily basis, you are going to end up with dust and other debris around the room. This can interfere in the art activities or it can cause problems for people with allergies.

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