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Can my logo be used as a MySpace graphic?

MySpace has many, many great features. It obviously has to; otherwise it would not be so popular. It has made the world's top ten most popular web sites. There are thousands of people who sign up per day. There are already over a million people who have accounts. There has to be something different about this site than any other in order for it to be so popular. The features are things such as being able to post pictures, movies, songs etc. There are many graphics available that you can post on your account to personalize you account. One question some people have is whether or not they can use their MySpace logos as a graphic on their account.

Using your MySpace logo as a graphic:

Using your logo as a graphic is actually very possible and very easy. Each MySpace logo or graphic comes with a certain code. This code is what you use to post these logos and graphics. In order to post the logo as a graphic you simply copy and past that logo's code into a graphic box and publish it to your account. It is just like you would post any other graphic onto your account.

Why would you want to publish your logo as a graphic?

The logo you choose for your MySpace account is most likely something that you feel describes an important aspect of your personality. Maybe you do not think of this when you post it, but it is true. If you have a sports logo it is because you love sports. If you have a princess logo it is because you love princesses. Through posting them and giving the impression that you love them you are saying they are part of your personality. The person who loves sports is probably very athletic. The person who loves princess probably feels that she is a princess.

In this way, posting your logo as a graphic lets people know a little bit about who you are and what you like. You do not need to stop at posting your logo though, you can post as many graphics as you would like. The more graphics, videos, pictures, songs, blogs etc. that you post, the more people will find out about your personality and your likes and dislikes. Letting people know about who you are can be a great tool to finding friends who are like you.

People who have the same interests as you will probably run into your page. They may post a comment or two and you may start a conversation. You will probably have a lot of the same interests and so you will have a lot to say to each other. The easier it is to talk to people the more likely they are to become your friend. You may never have thought that personalizing your MySpace account could do so much.

These graphics are not only a way to personalize your page and make new friends though, they simply just make it more fun. It is a way for you to enjoy your experience with MySpace. If you just had a plain ol' page with words, one color scheme and nothing else posted.that would be pretty boring. Personalizing it with graphics and such is a way for you make the most of your MySpace experience and take advantage of the features available to you. There is not a point to signing up if you are not going to make it interesting and have fun with it. You should use all the great features available to you so they do not go wasted.

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