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Choosing software for better business management

In these modern times, business is changing drastically.Recording your important documents on paper is no longer enough.Computers and software are now the key to success.There are so many programs that can help you, so the question is:Which programs should you use?What are your options?

1. One hot topic these days is about which operating system should you use.There are three main Operating systems to choose from: Windows, Linux, and Mac.
1. The most popular choice of all operating systems is windows.If you choose to use windows, you have the ability to use just about any software program you want to use. This is a great advantage to a lot of businesses because they are able to choose the best option for them, knowing that if the software is not written for windows it is probably not available at all.There are some downsides though.As windows is the most popular operating system, there are many more viruses and security problems, which can be helped by using software to help keep your operating system secure.
2. For some companies Mac can be the solution.As the second most popular desktop operating system Mac has found a niche in graphic design and computer animation.If your company does a lot of work with graphics, a Mac might be the right solution for you.Some downsides to a Mac are; the lack of software available for the operating system.If you buy a Mac, you will need to get used to using almost completely apple developed software.
3. The new operating system on the market is Linux.Linux brings a new idea to the market that is appealing to many users.It is open, which means the cost of use goes way down, and in most cases, is actually free. There are options in Linux to run almost any windows based application, or if you would like, there are a plethora of open source applications available.Another advantage of Linux is that it is the most secure Operating System since there is more that one company contributing to its security.A downside is that it is new on the market and has only a few major software applications written for it, so you would have to use the Linux alternative or use the windows version in Linux.
2. Another decision that you will have to face is what office version to use.Some options are; Microsoft Office, Corel Word Perfect, and OpenOffice.
1. The standard is Microsoft Office.There is a big reason why Microsoft Office is the most popular which is that Microsoft is behind it.They are a huge company that generally has a good name.It also comes standard on most computers, with windows.It also is know to contain one of the best, if not the best, spread sheet programs.The big downside is that you will pay dearly for it if it did not come with your operating system, with price tags in the range of $500 dollars.
2. Corel Word Perfect was very popular a few years back, but due to the popularity of Microsoft, it quickly fell from its top ranking.
3. OpenOffice is a new player on the market and the standard for all Linux Computers.It has the ability to save files in a .doc format so that it can share files you create with Microsoft Office users.Another big benefit of using OpenOffice is that it is completely free.The down side is that its spread sheet program is far inferior to Microsoft and the document writing program trails slightly behind Microsoft as well.
There are many more options that you can use for your company but will mostly likely choose from one of these software options.Also, remember that sometimes combining options can serve your company best.

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