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Different types of business communication

cupsofcoffee37472685.jpgBusiness communication is one essential ingredient you need in order to keep your organization running effectively. Without business communication, it will be impossible to keep strong relationships with your employees and with your customers. There are a few different types of business communication, each having a large impact on your business.

External business communication
As the title suggest, external communication refers to any communication you have with customers, vendors, and people that are outside the business. These people help to keep your business thriving by offering you low prices on raw goods and purchasing products from your company. When you are dealing with external communication, it comes down to your ability to reach everyone around you. Do you strive to build strong relationships with your vendors? Do your customers know how to get in contact with you? What do you do to keep your name out in the public? Advertising and marketing campaigns are often used as external communication tools.

When you are working on improving your external communication skills, start with the image you would like to present to others. How do you want your vendors to see you? How do you want your customers to view you? Look for different ways to look professional at all times, but still adding a human touch to your company. Customer satisfaction surveys can also help your external communication skills as you will gain information directly from your customers as to what you are doing right and what needs improvement within the company.

Internal business communication
When you are dealing with internal business communication, you are working on the flow of the business. How well do your employees interact with one another? Do you deal with personality conflicts and other issues in the office? Do your employees feel they can come and talk to you for help and guidance when they need it? Internal business communication is often harder to work on from external business communication because you have a handful of different personalities that need your guidance on a daily basis. Each person is going to come with their own preferences as to how things should be done in the office and breaking them free of this mentality can be challenging.

You can help to improve internal business communication by talking to your employees and giving them clear instructions. Have an open-door policy and be approachable so your employees can reach you whenever they need to. Work on creating a productive business atmosphere. This will start with having a relaxed attitude and being a good person to your employees. Treat them well and let them know how much you really do appreciate their hard work.

Positive work environments allow people to become more productive and satisfied in their jobs. They will have a desire to get up everyday and come to work. Set goals with your employees that challenge them to use new skills and enhance their existing skills. You need to push your employees a little bit to help them see how well they can work.

Look for every possible way to communicate with your employees. Hold weekly staff meetings to address all the concerns of the staff and then hold individual meetings with your employees to go over their goals and objectives. Use email to your advantage to keep in contact with your employees. Try sending out text messages or even calling them to discuss some of the projects that are going on within the company. Make an effort to stop by their desk and chat for a few minutes. This will help you form relationships with your employees and this will allow communication to run effectively in your office.

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