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Do promotional items work?

manoncellphone7625057.jpgTake a look around and you will see promotional items just about everywhere. Promotional items can range from anything like a pen to a new cell phone or iPod. Many companies use promotional items to encourage their customers to continue shopping from them and staying loyal to their brand.

Promotional items are given out for free as a way to increase your popularity. Think of sporting games and the different promotional items that are given out. Usually Frisbees, water bottles, and t-shirts are the standard item distributed at these events. Each item will include the company logo, slogan, and phone number or web site.

Using promotional items will help to increase your visibility and it will help you gain a new audience. You may not think they are worthwhile, but they actually work quite well. Several non-profit organizations have turned to wristbands to raise awareness for cancer and other survivorship and research programs. When Lance Armstrong worked with Nike to produce the livestrong wristband, he quickly raised over a million dollars just by selling wristbands for $1.

Many companies use promotional items to give away as gifts to their loyal customers. Having your name printed on a pen is a great way to remind your customers to contact you, and they will remember your business each time they use your pen. The great thing about promotional items is that you can get them for a great deal. Hundreds of companies have sprung up and they all produce great promotional items for a large discount. When you order more of a certain promotional product like a Frisbee, you will gain a larger discount.

If you attend conferences, promotional items are one of the best things to take with you. People will be walking around with bags and they expect to fill it up with many different promotional items. Take a look at some of the different promotional items out there so you can use one that is unique. Here are a few examples you should try:

  • Ice scraper

  • Pens

  • Post-it notes

  • Measuring spoons

  • Luggage tags

  • Workout towels

  • Nylon drawstring bags

  • Tool kit

  • Umbrella

  • Mints or gumballs

Giving a person a tangible item is one of the best forms of advertising available. People are not going to throw away a nice water bottle or an umbrella. The great thing for your business is that every time they use your promotional item, your business is gaining more exposure. The industry for promotional products makes over $18.1 billion annually. While you may not be able to afford some of the high-priced products, you can easily afford the cheaper ones like mints with your phone number and logo printed on the wrapper.

The purpose of promotional products is like any other type of marketing program out there, you want to get your name out there and generate interest in your company and products. There are so many companies to work with when you make the decision to start offering promotional products that you can get a great deal just by signing up. Many of these companies will send you samples of their work with your name and logo on it so you can see what they could possibly do for your business. Take advantage of this great type of marketing and start generating more interest for your business by offering free promotional products to your customers. It will require an initial investment from you, but in just one or two sales, the promotional products will completely pay for themselves and you will have a steady stream of revenue coming in the door.

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