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The art of office organization

manrelaxingatdesk30846571.jpgAn organized office is a productive office. When employees can find everything they need in order to do their jobs, it eliminates confusion in the workplace and everyone will be able to get along better. Organizing your office will not take a lot of time and the benefits will be long-lasting. Here are some different things you can try if you would like to organize your office:

Clean off your desk
This is a basic way to get started with organization. Take everything off your desk and wipe it down with some furniture polish and antibacterial wipes. Once the desk is clean, only put the things you need back on the desk. Desks often become a breeding ground for clutter and they can get overloaded with a lot of things that you don't need. Place the items you don't need to perform your daily job into a box so you can place them back into a drawer or closet where they belong. Keep an old mug on your desk to hold pens or purchase a nice pen holder to make your desk look nicer. Only keep a couple pens or pencils in the pen holder. If you have too many pens in there, it will look tacky and cluttered. Keep an inbox or file organizer to hold documents that people bring to you or documents that you need to go out to people. Take a few minutes at the end of your day to clean off your desk so that it doesn't get cluttered. Don't forget to clean your keyboard, mouse, and computer screen. You will be surprised to see how dusty and how many crumbs are found in keyboards.

Office Supply Closet

To help everyone with their jobs, have a closet that is dedicated strictly to office supplies. This closet should contain everything your employees could need like staplers, extra paper, spare pens, ink cartridges, etc. Having a closet is a great way to keep employees from hoarding certain supplies on their desk and making the office look like a disaster zone.


Office organization includes good communication. If you take a message for your co-worker, how do you plan on telling your co-worker? Always keep a note pad near your phone so you can write down the message and then place it on their computer screen or keyboard when they come back into the office. This will allow them to quickly find it when they come back from lunch or a break.

Be courteous to your co-workers when you leave for a lunch break and turn your phone's ringer off. Make sure your calls go straight to your voicemail. Nothing is more annoying to a co-worker than a loud phone ringing for a minute or longer. Even when you are in the office try and reduce the volume of your ringer so that it does not disturb everyone in the office.

Remove boxes and garbage
To keep the office clean and organized, get rid of excess boxes that may be sitting in the hallway or your office. Overflowing garbage's can also become distracting. Have a policy for your employees to take out their individual garbage's or assign certain garbage responsibilities to your staff so that everyone takes the initiative to keep the office clean.

Keeping the office clean will make a difference on the way you and your employees work. The ability to find exactly what you need when you need it will allow you to do your job easier. Make a special effort to reduce clutter in the office and focus on keeping the office neat and tidy.

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