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Creating a vision for your employees

ladypresentaion30392759.jpgIn order for a business to become successful, the manager must be able to lead them in the right direction. As a manager, it is your responsibility to create a vision for your employees to give them something to work toward. To create a vision, you first need to describe what it is you would like your employees to accomplish and them show your employees what they need to do to see this vision become a reality.

Practically every company has a vision statement or a mission statement. This simple statement tells the world why you have a company and what you are trying to achieve. Your employees use this vision statement or mission statement to learn what the purpose of their job is and how they can "sell" it to your customers or clients.

How do you create a vision?
To get started as a manager, you need to first create a vision. How do you create a vision? It begins with your ability to inspire others. Identify a goal that you would like to accomplish as a manager and then set out to accomplish this goal.

A vision is nothing more than heading in the right direction. The actions you take as a manager will help you lead your employees in the right direction. A vision statement will basically put your dream into words.

Questions you need to ask yourself when you create a vision statement.
In order for you to create a vision statement, you need to go back to your roots. Why did you start the business or why did you start working for the company? What was it about the business that attracted you to it? Would you ever want to leave the business and what message would you like to leave behind? What need are you fulfilling for your customers? Do they appreciate the way you treat them and run the business?

The long-term approach to a vision statement
As you build a vision statement, you always need to think about the future. A vision statement should lead you into the future and it should be focused on the future. Write down a few of your goals and prioritize them as they will help you find a long-term goal for the company.

The company
Of course the vision statement should be focused on the actual company. You need to provide information about what your company actually does and why people need to know about it. A vision statement tells people what your business is about and why your employees want to work for it.

Another part of creating a good vision statement deals with the length of a vision statement. Some people make their vision statements too long and their customers and employees have lost interest in them before they have even read them. Keep it to a sentence or two sentences. Short, simple, and too the point will make the best vision statement.

Does your vision statement inspire employees and customers to take action? A good vision statement will inspire people and cause them to not only buy your product but to have a desire to tell their friends about it. Some of your best employees may even come out of this pool of customers as they are already loyal to your brand and they want to see your company become successful.

When you complete your vision statement, it will combine all of the different ideas together and cause your employees to work toward the future and toward success. Consider revamping your vision statement if it has been awhile since your vision statement was created.

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