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Creating the perfect landing page

Are you starting an online business? Are you looking for ways to attract new customers? Would you like to create more of a presence online? No matter what your needs are, you should devote some time to optimizing your website. This will allow you to generate more traffic to your website so you can bring in new customers but also establish a large online presence. As you do this, you will be able to create an online reputation that you can be proud of and your customers will know what type of consistent information your company will generate. So how can you start building your online reputation? It comes down to search engine optimization by creating effective landing pages.

What is a landing page exactly? This is where your customers will "land" when they click on one of your pay per click ads or other ads online. The ad will take them to a page on your website. This particular page needs to be informative, engaging, and needs to have the right information to keep the person interested in your company and what you are promoting.

The landing page you create needs to offer something to the customer. Make the landing page pertain to the advertisement so the customer can purchase what they want based on the ad that attracted them to your site. The landing page must be simple enough for the customer to quickly find what they want and to purchase it. Don't send them to your home page and expect them to find what they want because they will go to another site in the search engines to find it. They don't want to "hunt" for information; they want it to be laid out for them.

According to online research, most PPC visitors will spend an average of 5 seconds on your landing page. If you have the right information, they will complete a sale or they will move on. Your landing page needs to have the right information so you can make that critical sale that justifies the PPC program.

To know what your customers want, do some research. Ask the customers in surveys or even in person to find out what attracts them to your company. This helps you to create better landing pages that the customers will appreciate and will look for when they see your site online. You need landing pages that speak to the customers and are simple enough to convince them to buy the product. If they want more information about it, you can add additional pages for them to choose from. You need to allow your visitors multiple opportunities to learn about the product if they desire more information, which is why the landing page is basic but you have a link saying "more product information" that they can click on and truly learn more about your company.

Customers do not want to have 5-6 different pages to sort through in order to find the information they are looking for. It needs to be clear and it needs to be the first page they link to. Make a statement with this page so the customer can make a good decision and so that their decision will be easier to make as well. The landing pages need to be positive and they need to have other pages link to it in order to get the customers complete exposure to what your company has to offer. When you do this, it will make it easy for people to come back for more information as they are able to see how much variety and how many products you have to fit their needs.

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