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Dealing With Failure

You are not a failure if your project fails. Making mistakes and having failures is a part of life. You can accept them and learn from them, or be bitter and give up on your dream. Failures are actually your training ground. You can learn valuable lessons from them. If you do, you can make them the stepping stones to your success.

There is a simple truth that many never learn: If you keep on doing what you have been doing, you will keep on getting what you have been getting. It is insanity to expect different results with the same efforts. This holds true for your business life and with your personal relationships. If you are happy with what you're getting, keep doing it. If not, try something else.

Don't give up on your dream. Keep fine tuning it until it works. Most people have to make a few adjustments before they find their niche. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. What works for someone else won't necessarily work for you. You have to discover what harmonizes with your unique attributes.

Children learning to walk, don't give up because they fall down. They get up and try again. Adults who fail a few times sometimes get the notion that success is not for them. They give up on their dream and take the jobs that no one else wants. It's tragic that many give up when success is just around the next problem.

When things go wrong, we often become our own worse enemy. We put our self down and begin thinking that we are a worthless failure.That is simply not true. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Adversity helps you to discover if you fit in your endeavor or if you need to try something else. It molds your character. Your creator designed you for success. It is your negative attitude that is getting you down.

There is a strong temptation to have a pity party when you fail. What you need to do is examine yourself in an unemotionally way. Learn to be your own coach. Figure out what went wrong, and why. Visualize how to make it better the next time.

To be successful you must learn to believe in your own ability to overcome obstacles. We often get bogged down with difficult problems that seem to have no answer. Sometimes if you look at them from a different perspective, the solution will be obvious Don't think of it as a problem but an opportunity.

When you get stuck, you need to have someone to turn to for help. No one is good in everything. Do what you do best and get other specialists to do the rest. There are many experts available who will lend a hand for a reasonable price.

Depending on yourself can cause many tensions. Many who have been through what you are experiencing will advise you. You need someone bigger that you are to lean on. Your Creator is an invaluable resource. He wants to help with all your problems. Consult him on a regular basis. You will feel better about it when you leave your worries with him.

Successful people do not think about defeat but concentrate on success. You become what you think about. When you think about failure, your subconscious mind drags you down, but if you think about what you believe you can do, it will send you soaring.

Discouragement can be good or bad depending on how you interpret it. It may be evidence that you don't fit, or it could just be the negative feeling you get when trying something new. If the requirements are within your ability and your gut feeling says it's for you, go for it.

This article was derived from a chapter in Lynn Bradley's book. Go to, click on book store and type "Climbing the Heavenly Stairs" in the title section. He also has the website

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