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Different tactics that will help you successfully manage employees

folder22474997.jpgWhen you have a variety of personalities to work with, it can be difficult to find a way to successfully manage all of them. No matter how large or small your office is, you need to find a way to get everyone to work together as a team. This task may seem next to impossible, but you can do it with a few simple tactics. Here are some tips to help you manage the different personalities and backgrounds you have in the office:

  • Hire people for their skills. When it comes to hiring employees, look at the skills this person can bring to the table, not their background. It doesn't matter that one person may have a Master's degree and another only has a GED. Employees deserve to be recognized for their talents and skills. As a manager, you must learn how to treat each employee equally if you wish to become a successful manager and to build teamwork within the workplace.
  • Respect one another. It is important to the business that you treat each employee with respect. Everyone needs to trust one another and to learn how to depend on each other. Make sure that every employee knows they are equal, even if someone makes more money.
  • Appreciate your employees. Another big part of managing employees is appreciating them. Your employees need to know that you appreciate them and their hard work. Make them feel worthwhile by telling them how grateful you are for them. Give out random recognition gifts to show your employees of your gratitude.
  • Find a way to connect with your employees. Although you may each come from different backgrounds, it is important to your business that you find a way to connect with one another. A great way to connect with them is to participate in team building activities. Take your staff out of the office for a day and head to an amusement park, take them go-cart racing, go to the batting cages with them. You want to do things that are fun and bring out the different personalities you have to work with. As you each have fun with one another, you will learn that it's a lot of fun to work with one another and you will respect each other for the different characteristics you bring to the office.
  • Bridge the gap. Recognize the different personalities and find a way to bridge the gap between all of your employees. If you have employees that are shy, help them break free from their shell. If you have employees that tend to be opinionated and over-bearing, talk to them about their role and responsibilities and how their behavior can have a negative impact on the team.
  • Learn how to deal with difficult personalities. No matter how hard you work at building a team environment, you are always going to have at least one employee that loves to cause trouble. Managing difficult personalities is going to be your biggest challenge as a manager, but with a little bit of patience and understanding you can learn how to manage them. A person that has a difficult personality needs to understand that you are in charge no matter what. Show them that you are the leader and that they are going to listen to you. You can do this verbally and then in writing to affirm your point.

Management experience will come over time. You will have ups and downs with your employees but the more you are exposed to, the easier it will be for you to learn how to handle difficult situations and to build a true team-working environment.

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