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Dreamers and Doers...

Are you a dreamer I like dreamers, but as a worker I need to
spend quality time with DOERS. They're the ones with the energy,
motivation and ambition that gets things done.

Dreamers fantasize about how much money they'll make from all
those New Customers who miraculously waltz through the door.
Doers dream, too, but first they take action. They FIND those
New Customers to make the dreams happen! So, I'm talking to
those of you who are very serious about what your business.

Every single day, you literally pass by more potential money than
you might realize in the form of shoppers who are eager to spend
their money! These folks are all potential New Customers. The
problem is they don't know you exist! People aren't magicians.
They can't BUY what they don't know about! It's up to us to
blow our own horn.

Our money-making machine is made up of two halves: On-line
and Off-line advertising. Guess which one gets neglected most
That neglect is taking money right out of your pockets! Why work
so hard and cheat yourself out of the money that is out there,
especially when you can do something about it

Don't kid yourself, your Competition knows what you're not doing,
and hopes you keep on doing nothing! It's a dog-eat-dog world.

If Time, Expense or Uncertainty is holding you back from
promoting more Off-line, we have a terrific solution! You don't
have to work alone. You don't even have to leave home!

Find out how to start getting much more exposure which leads to
increased Sales as you gain New Customers ( and not just locally).
You'll see how to get FREE Advertising with No Geographic Limits!
Write me now and receive a Q and A guaranteed to get you excited
about the growth of your financial success!.

Forget hype. The wheel hasn't been 'reinvented, just made to work
better for us. The concept is innovative but it's simple and global.
This is about the best of Teamwork. You'll be asked for a small
one-time $20 investment but you'll see it's well worth it.

This is Easy, but most important is that it WORKS because our
ad Flyer, Q-Ponsİ, specifically targets that segment of money you
keep passing by every day! You owe yourself this one. Isn't it worth
a few minutes to discover how to easily reach 1,000's more than you
are now and put yourself in a position to make more money

Dynamic 'in-your-face' advertising will really help you and New
Customers are waiting so please -
mailto:writeplace3@j...subject=TeamworkQ and A

2004 WILL be Your Best Year Yet!

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