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Employee training?Make sure you only pay for an accredited college


Are you involved in paying for employees to receive specific training?If you are, make sure that you only pay for an accredited college. Let's go through the reasons why you as an employer or as a manager would want to pay for employee training.And then let's examine the potential pitfalls of paying for employee training and how you can avoid those employee training pitfalls by only paying for accredited colleges.

It's only to your advantage as an employer to have more highly trained employees.There's a reason why so many employers offer paid training compensation for college tuition, tuition payment credits and options, and lots of other benefits in order to enable their employees to become more trained and also to go to school while working for them.More highly trained employees are better at their job.They require less supervision when it comes to their job.They are more able to adapt to new technologies and theories in the workplace.They are proficient at the skills that you need them to excel at.Employee training is of benefit not only to your employees, but to the success and the efficiency, and thus the money making ability, of your company.

Employees will appreciate greater employee training not only because they will have greater skills and thus will be able to command a greater income.Employees will also appreciate the trust that you demonstrate in them and your faith in their abilities that you demonstrate when you are willing to help your employees advance in training and in ability.Your employees will be more productive and more efficient in a workplace where they feel like they are appreciated and valued enough that they will be aided by their employers who are willing to invest so much in their employees.

Paying for employee training is just that: an investment.It's an investment you make that you hope will pay off by benefiting your company by improving the abilities and the skills of your company.So just like any investment that you make in the stock market or anywhere else, you want to make sure that you are making a wise investment.Now, I'm not talking about your employees-that's an investment that you are going to have to decide on all by yourself.I'm talking about the place where you pay to have your employees trained.

There are a lot of colleges and even so-called universities that are out there.A lot of them market themselves to people who are working, parents, people who have to organize their education around their work schedules.The majority of these colleges and universities offer several basic degrees that are geared specifically for the most popular jobs that need a lot of training.Thus you have a lot of degrees offered in computer science, computer programming, pharmaceutical assistants, dental hygienists, private investigators, accountants, and other things like that.These are degrees that are immediately marketable and immediately beneficial for both employer and employee.

So what could be the problem with this?Well, the problem comes from the fact that a lot of these so-called colleges and universities, while they might offer a pretty good basic education, are not accredited.To become accredited, a college or university has to meet a stringent set of guidelines in terms of the quality of the education offered, the amount of support offered, the qualifications of the instructors, the size of the classes, and the resources available for students.Non-accredited universities can award degrees, but these degrees are not recognized by the majority of employers and other institutions.

Basically, you might learn the material, but the degree that you are given is worth about as much as the piece of paper that it's written on.You have the skills, but you don't have any sort of viable qualifications.There are plenty of accredited schools out there that are great options for employees who want to approve their skills.Simply ask if the school is accredited, since it's only with an accredited institution that your employees will really become as marketable an investment as you are hoping that they become.

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