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Find free layouts for your business MySpace account

With how popular MySpace has become many businesses are finding it to their advantage to create a MySpace profile for their business. At you can reach millions of potential customers from all over the world, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

With so many businesses creating profiles on MySpace you need your companies profile to stand out from the rest. When you first create a MySpace profile you are given the default layout, which is just a simple white background with blue boxes and a handful of advertisements scattered among the page. But you want your page to stand out so you are going to need to make some major changes to your layout.

In searching the web you can a lot of companies that will charge you to create a MySpace layout for your business, but you can also find numerous websites that offer free basic layouts. These layouts you can create yourself and customize them to fit your business.

The fastest way to find these companies is to enter in "free MySpace layouts" into any search engine. Another way to find the free companies is to do a search on's search feature. You will come across tons of websites that offer free layouts. Some websites are more user friendly than others, some websites make you register before you can access the free layouts, while others make you fill out surveys and download browsers or other features to gain access to their sites.

These basic layouts allow you to change the color of your background, where you want your image positioned, and if you want your imaged tiled or scrolled. You can also change the color, font, size and effects of all your text, links, link hovers, and headings. The fun doesn't stop there; you can also make changes to your tables and scrollbar.

Each website has their own ways of providing free layouts. Some websites have layouts already created; all you have to do is pick which one you like, while others have a process where you can create your own layout for free. Some websites even offer both choices.

Regardless of which option you choose to create a MySpace layout there are hundreds of websites available to choose from. Not all websites have the same pre-made layouts, so it doesn't hurt to "shop" around. With the "create your own layout" choice some websites include links to other websites that will turn your personal pictures or graphics into images that will work with the layout creator. This option is a huge bonus for businesses; they can upload their company's logo and use that in their layout as a background rather than just a professional background.

Pre-Made Layouts:
Once you have picked a pre-made layout you need to copy the code that is provided, login to your MySpace account, click "Edit Profile", paste the copied code into the "About Me" box, and then click "Save All Changes".

Customize your free layout:
Other websites provide you with a step by step process to create your own layout. But rather than having to write the code yourself you have numerous can choose your own color for the background by adjusting the colors already provided and you can upload your own image by entering the full URL into the appropriate box and pressing apply, which uploads your picture. After creating your layout you just click on the generate button and the code is created. Then follow the same steps as the pre-made layouts.

Just remember to take your time in finding the right free MySpace layout. Don't just settle for second best because there are numerous sites out there that offer free MySpace layouts, both pre-made and build your own.

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