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Helping employees deal with change in the workplace

confidence30842627.jpgEvery business owner and their employees have to deal with some type of change in the workplace. And an employer can do a lot to help their employees deal well with the changes that will occur so that the employees can continue to be productive and the business can be successful.

Small changes

Some small changes that may take place in the workplace may not be that big of a deal to some of the employees. But there are also some employees who feel that any time of change is, well, life changing. It is important that employers help their employees deal with even the slightest of changes in the workplace.

For example, supposed it is time for the employees in the office to change the location of their desk. Some offices do this on a regular basis to give people a chance to sit by other employees or to be in a different location in the office. Though the reason for changing desk may be a valid one, some employees may be upset by the change. Perhaps they have grown accustom to their location and the people they sit by. Or maybe they like their computer better than the one they will be switching to.

To help an employee deal with a small change like this one, it is a good idea for the employer to give sufficient notice of the seating change. Telling employees a week or two before the change will help eliminate the element of surprise. It is also a good idea for the employer to explain to the employees their reason for changing desks. This way, even if the employee prefers their current desk location, they may at least have a better understanding that their employer would like them to sit at a different location for awhile and might be more willing to cooperate with the change.

Helping the employees' actual move to be a comfortable one can also be a good way to help them deal with the change. If they can keep the same computer or keyboard without too much trouble then that can help them better deal with the change. And sometimes an employee just wants to make sure they are heard. It might be a good idea for an employer to take time to listen to the concerns an employee may have about the change, no matter how small.

Big changes

The big changes can be harder for employees to deal with and generally more employees will be upset or more affected by the larger changes in the workplace. When big changes occur it is essential that employers do all that they can to help their employees deal with change.

For example, if a business is toying with the idea of layoffs, they need to help prepare their employees for this change. They should let employees know about the possible idea of employees getting laid off as early as they can. If they do not tell the employees know right up front, rumors are bound to start and there can be problems throughout the office.

If layoffs become a reality it might also be a good idea for the business owner or manager to post the criteria that a person would have to meet to be considered for layoffs. By doing this some employees will be able to feel relieved since they are not in the group who might get laid off. Of course some employees (who are in the group being considered for layoffs) will be concerned, but that is better than having every employee concerned that they may get laid off.

After a big change, such as layoffs, occur, a business owner will need to do their best to return order to the office and help employees to deal with this big change. Some employees will have lost not only coworkers, but friends as well. Having a councilor available for employees to talk to is not a bad idea. It might also be nice for the business owner and managers to hold a meeting to discuss what has happened and let the employees have a chance to be heard.

Sometimes changes are for the best, and sometimes they may not be very good at all. But change in the workplace is inevitable. When an employer helps their employees deal with change they can have a healthy and happy workplace.

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