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Hiring a paper shredding company

Every person has documents he/she does not want others to read.From old bank statements, to account numbers and credit cards, or old emails to clients and friends-there are just certain things you don't want laying around the office or home for just anyone to read.

Disposing of these papers can be risky.If you simply through them in the trash, anyone could search through your can until they found that perfect personal document to commit identity theft with, or all your financial information making it easy for a thief to commit bank fraud.Burning your papers is also an option, but perhaps a bit extreme, and, of course, very messy.The fire alarms in your office or home would most surely go off if you started the fire in your trash can, and then the emergency sprinklers would come on, drenching everyone and everything in your office or home.Not a good idea.The perfect solution is found in hiring a paper shredding company!

If you are a family that doesn't have a large amount of personal information in your home, a small, in-house shredder may be just right for you.This type of machine may be purchased at your office supply store.They usually range in price from $20 to over $100.An in-house shredder usually goes on top of your trash can and therefore shreds the papers directly in to the can-a very simple, clean method.

If you are a business owner and have a high volume of material that you want to dispose of, a hiring a professional shredder is the option for you.Not only will it save you and your company time and money, but it will ensure that your documents are being disposed of correctly.

Now you have two choices: an on-site or off-site shredding company.An on-site shredding company is usually considered the safest, but off-site shredders can also be good when there is a high level of trust with that company.Some companies offer both on and off site shredding services.It is up to your personal preference to decide which type will be best for you.

With an on-site shredder, a truck comes right to your business (or home) and then shreds your papers right there.You can choose to have the shredders come as often as every day, every week, or as infrequently as once a month.With an on-site company you don't need to worry about the security of your documents because the company comes to you-your documents never leave the office or home.Some companies may even offer secure storage containers to put your documents in until their next visit.Most companies also provide you with a certificate of destruction after shredding your documents, as well as have a camera on their truck to prove that each document has been destroyed.After shredding your papers, the company then takes your shredded papers to be recycled, ensuring that no one will ever read your documents.

With an off-site shredder, the company usually provides you with a secure container to put your documents in.Then they lock the container and load it into a truck and take it to their shredding warehouse.They also have security cameras monitoring the shredding of each document.And they also provide you with a certificate of destruction, in case of eventual audit of your company.

Shredding documents is an important part of any person-business owner or otherwise.It protects you from all kinds of fraud and theft.Whatever you decide will be easiest for you or your company, be sure to choose a reliable, trustworthy company to be your shredders.

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