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How do you choose a monitoring system for monitoring employees

How does one go about choosing a monitoring system for monitoring employees?

Well, the monitoring system you choose for monitoring your employees really depends on how many employees we're talking about here. If you've only got a few employees, and they're assigned to relatively simple tasks, your monitoring system can be as simple as a few managers who walk about the place every

If, however, you're employing a hundred or a thousand employees, and some of them are working in sensitive areas, you'll probably need to go with a more complicated system. Now, it's expensive to go with a more complicated system. This means that you'll have to ask yourself some hard questions, such as:

Why do I really want this monitoring system for monitoring employees? Do I want a monitoring system for monitoring employees because I'm paranoid that they'll take advantage of me, when really they've never given much example of doing so? Do I want a monitoring system for monitoring employees because I enjoy the feeling of power associated with keeping an eye on people when they're not constantly aware of it? Do I want a monitoring system for monitoring employees because my managers aren't the greatest and I can't full trust them to monitor my employees themselves?

If you answer "Yes" to any of those questions besides the last one, you'll probably want to stick with a less expensive monitoring system; that is, a system that doesn't entail the usage of multiple cameras, and people to watch the cameras, and a system for organizing footage, and so forth. If, on the other hand, it's a managerial problem, you might want to consider changing your managers before changing or updating your monitoring system.

Time has shown that the best monitoring system for monitoring employees is a strictly human one. That is, the monitoring system that you monitor your employees with comes basically down to having a good managerial staff who hold weekly accountability meetings and report back to you on who's pulling their fair share of the load and who isn't. This is also, in a way, the simplest monitoring system for monitoring employees. What, after all, are you looking for with all those cameras set up everywhere? Employees sleeping? Employees stealing? These, really, are the only negative activities that a camera would pick up, and a good managerial system can take care of these activities as well.

However, when choosing a monitoring system to monitor your employees you've got to take other things into consideration. For example, are your employees visiting pornography websites or other inappropriate sites on company time? Are they wasting company time on the Internet by playing video games while they should be working? A monitoring system of cameras won't exactly work for this, unless you're prepared to fork over your whole budget for cameras that'll count the pores on your employees' skin. There are other, simpler ways of learning where your employees spend their time on the Internet, and these are simple computer programs that tell you when someone's accessed something inappropriate the moment it happens (or, if you prefer, later that day when you're going over business).

When trying to choose a monitoring system to monitor your employees with, remember that your employees have rights and that you don't want to intrude too closely on their privacy. True, they're your employees on your dollar, but that doesn't give you the right to inspect them any more obtrusively than the law allows you to. Learn the laws of monitoring systems for monitoring employees, therefore, and you'll probably get a lot of good ideas for monitoring systems for monitoring your employees simultaneously.

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