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How to build problem solving (not causing) environment


There are many problems that can be present in the work place.There can be problems where employees are performing their jobs the way they are supposed to.You as a manager could have a few employees that have a problem with you.Or your employees could have problems with each other.Aside from personal problems between employees there can be other problems that might arise.You can get past all of these problems by building a problem solving environment for you and your employees.Let's talk about how you can create a problem solving environment.

First you can ensure your employees that you have an open door policy.The open door policy means that your office door will always be open for your employees to come and share any problems they might have with you.Not only can they visit you at your office but they should feel comfortable talking with you at any time.This open door policy can be used for work related problems like problems with other employees or something that is concerning them.You can even ensure that you will be open to talk about personal problems, sometimes you are the only mentor available to your employees.When you are available to talk one on one with your employees they will feel cared for and at home in the work place.

To keep personal problems about the work place anonymous you can create a problem box for the break room.The purpose of this box would be for your employees to write down on a piece of paper what there problem is without putting their name on it.At the end of each week you and the other managers can go through the box of problems.The problems that need to be fixed right away will go at the top of your problem solving list.

To get all of the employees involved to can hold weekly employee meetings.At these meeting you can let everyone share their opinion on how things are going.Remember to not leave anyone out let everyone's voice be heard.You don't have to hold these meeting every week, monthly meeting would work just as well.Another thing that is important is that you be honest with you employees.If you have a problem with any employees then you need to tell them.If you are honest with your employees they will be honest with you and problems will get solved a lot faster.

It is not hard to create a problem solving environment.It is a team effort to have an environment with no problems.You as a manager has to provide support and be a good mentor. You should also set a good example for your employees to follow.The strength of the manager will show in his employees.Remember to help your employees with their job, because that is your job.Let your employees be comfortable in the work place, work is a second home for people who work full time.Let problems be known to you, your employees should always feel comfortable talking to you and expressing themselves.When problems can be expressed, problems can be fixed. Good luck in creating a problem solving environment.

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