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How to charter a private jet

Are you tired of long lines at the airport?Do you want a flight that is convenient for your busy schedule?Would you like to board a plane hassle-free and fly while you consult with your business partners?If your answer is yes, you should consider the advantages of chartering a private jet.A charter jet provides the advantages of having made to order scheduling and accommodations for on-board business meetings.You'll never waste another day on some overcrowded commercial flight again!

Chartering a private jet may seem like a service for only the rich and famous.However, when you compare chartering a jet with the costs of owning and maintaining a company jet, there are several clear advantages.When you as a business manager decide to buy a jet, remember that not only will you be paying for the physical cost of the jet, but also for maintenance, insurance, permits, licenses, staff, fuel, etc.The price of owning your own jet is high.Chartering a jet on the other hand is much more affordable because in essence you are splitting all those costs among other charter jet flight consumers.You are also given a lot more flexibility as far as flight plans go.When you own a jet, that jet can only be in one place at one time and is limited to where it can go in a single day.Many charter jet services have dozens and sometimes hundreds of different flight options, making simultaneous flights possible.

There are several ways to go about chartering a private jet.Please consider the following suggestions:

Referrals: Chartering a jet is not something that most people do everyday, so if you know another business owner who has chartered a jet in the past, he will most likely have an opinion of the experience.Ask around and find out what other businesses in your area charter jets.Not only will they have suggestions on which companies they have been pleased with but most unsatisfied customers are more than happy to tell you what charter companies you should avoid. Go ahead and learn from the experiences of others.There is not harm in sharing jet flying information.

Internet:Like most companies these days the air flight charter jet business has caught on to the internet business world.By simply conducting an internet search you can find a variety of charter jet companies.In the privacy of your own home or office you can read all about a company, gather and asses information, and make an informed decision.Most websites offer customer service lines if you would rather ask your questions to a live person.An internet search is where you are most likely to start looking for a charter jet, if you have not heard any recommendations elsewhere.

Once you have decided on a couple of charter flight company options, it is a good idea to call them and get all of the details regarding price, availability, and liability requirements.Some charter services will ask for you to pay for extra things like insurance.Others have this included in the price that they will quote.Availability will vary among charter companies and depends on their customer load and the number of jets in their fleet.Some services say that they need only 4 hours notice before a desired flight; others require days or sometimes weeks depending on the circumstances.Know how sudden your company's needs are.You may consider paying more for the convenience of getting a charter jet at the last minute.Some charter services also require a contract for a minimum amount of service.These companies are looking for long-term and frequent customers, not necessarily the spontaneous weekend vacationer.Consider your company's needs as you are informed about all of the options that are available to you.Remember that you can always change your charter service (assuming you have not signed a long-term contract) and switch to a new one.

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