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How to choose a 19 inch LCD monitor for your workers.

Let's start with the definition and discussion of LCD monitors and why an LCD monitor is a good investment for your company workplace.LCD stands for liquid crystal display.LCD monitors used to be so pricey that most small businesses and entrepreneurships couldn't afford to purchase them for their workers.

However, prices having been dropping on LCD monitors, and technology has been improving.Now you can get better LCD monitors for less money than you ever could buy one before.In fact, now LCD monitors make up every three out of four monitor purchases.The older models are called CRT, which stands for cathode ray tube.These are still less expensive monitors, and they also have better displays for full-motion video and games.In fact, sometimes CRT monitors actually have better color reproduction.

But according to a number of reports, the latest technology in LCD monitors is closing the gap between quality in motion and color display.Besides, CRT monitors are bulky, heavy, and can be hard on the eyes (you might want to research how to lessen the strain placed on eyes by computer monitors).

So here is some advice on why and how you should choose a 19 inch LCD monitor for your workers.Now, the standard entry level size for LCD monitors is 17 inches.17 inches improves significantly on the display technology and color of the 15 inch LCD monitors.Now, 19 inch monitors actually don't have any higher pixel resolution than the 17 inch LCD monitors.But because the screen is larger than the 17 inch monitor, then it is actually easier to read the screen.

Generally speaking, Dell LCD monitors are the highest rated out of all LCD monitors.The 19 inch Dell LCD monitor has 1280 x 1024 resolution.It also has green ergonomics, and a lot of fantastic features, including analog and digital connections with a 5 port USB hub.The Dell Ultra Sharp 1907FP is only for PCs, but it actually is barely more than the 17 inch Dell LCD monitor.

You also might want to consider getting a View Sonic 19 inch LCD monitor.The View Sonic monitor is great because it does well for any application, whether if you need great color or great pixel response.It isn't the fastest monitor out there, but it handles everything really well.This View Sonic 19 inch LCD monitor comes with a CD-ROM that allows you to calibrate your display.This means that you can customize your View Sonic 19 inch LCD monitor to fit whatever particular need you have.The resolution is 1280 x 1024 pixels, just like the Dell 19 inch LCD monitor.

When you are choosing a 19 inch LCD monitor for your workers, you need to consider what you need your computers to excel at.Do you need really fantastic colors because you are using a lot of graphics and graphics applications?Do you need great pixel response because you are using a lot of video in your work?The majority of 19 inch LCD monitor manufacturers design their monitors to excel at one kind of application or the other.So you need to decide what is of the most value to you and then research to find out what monitor is going to best fulfill all of your different needs.

If you want really specific and highly technical reviews of all of the different monitors out there, try reading Tom's Hardware Guide and/or reviews will go deep into all of the different specifications and they do tons of testing all on their own.Once again, if you want a great all-around workhouse that will give you the best general performance for your money, you will probably want to go for a Dell.But do your research to find the LCD monitor that will best fit your needs.

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