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How to choose a 3d laser scanner.

The topic of this article is how to choose a 3D laser scanner.A 3d laser scanner is a scanner that can map all of the dimensions of an object onto your computer.3d laser scanners are especially helpful for anyone who works in design, like mechanical design, engineering, inspection, and more.

There are several different kinds of 3d laser scanners, with prices ranging from the couple thousands to the hundreds of thousands.Let's go through the different kinds of 3d laser scanners.

  1. The portable scanning system The portable 3d laser scanning system includes a few things.IT has a localizer, which is usually a measuring arm, that you can get different sizes of.Then it has a ScanWorks controller, and a sensor.The sensor is that part that actually scans the object.The sensor can generate a line at up to 458000 points every single second.Then the ScanWorks software synchronizes the entire operation-it puts together the points generated by the laser sensor with the positioning of the measuring arm.This gives you an accurate rendering of the surface, or topography, or the object when you use the ScanWorks software.
  2. Automatic Coordinate Measuring Machines These machines work with 3d laser scanning machines along with robotic systems.They can scan at 23040 points per second and can give you even more detailed and accurate information about an object in a shorter amount of time.If you decide to use one along with a robotic system, you can inspect panels and other such things.This reduces the time necessary for inspection and can give you colors and other information about an object.
  3. Bvision offers a different type of scanner with its high definition version of the Mobilescan 3d laser scanner.This new version of the Mobilescan takes 3d laser scanning to entirely different levels and to places where it couldn't go in the past.This particular high definition scanner as a point spacing of 0.025mm and it offers an accuracy of 0.0123mm.It works at 30,000 points per second.This offers a higher degree of accuracy than has ever before been available, so you don't have to choose between the Automatic Coordinate Measuring Machine and a fast scanner, or something that links the two.Now you have the whole thing just in one package.These new high definition Mobilescans are simple to use, because you can attach them to your computer with either a USB cable or Firewire.They also include Geomagic software that lets you automatically process data from your scanning operation of a physical object, so that you can get incredibly accurate surface models with polygons.

These three different models and types of 3d laser scanner are just a few examples of the different kinds of 3d laser scanners that you can purchase.When you are deciding what kind of laser scanner to buy, you need to consider your own needs.What will you be using your 3d laser scanner for?Do you need incredible speed, incredible accuracy, different ranges of information that go beyond simple surface mapping?Do you prefer high definition?Is it important that the 3d laser scanner be mobile?There are now 3d laser scanners that are approximately the size of a cereal box.This makes 3d lser scanning even more convenient than it has ever been.Contact a manufacturer or a seller of 3d laser scanners and they can talk you through all of the different options that are out there and help you decide what style and what model of 3d laser scanner is best for your own personal needs.

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