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How to choose a personal service company:


Personal services range in variety but usually have to do with your personal and home life. Services that can be provided are from the most common, housekeeping, to the least common, in home plant feeding. Choosing someone to provide these services is important because the people they choose will be the people who are entering your home and who will have access to your personal life. You will want to ask many questions before deciding on a company.

Question 1:
How long has this company been in business? A company who is well established will have been in business five years or more. It is important to know how long they have been in business to know if the services they have offered in the past have been well accepted or not. The very best agencies will have been hiring out personal services for over ten years now.

Question 2:
How does the agency decide on who they will accept as employees and hire out? This is important to know. How did the person who will be entering your home come to be a part of this agency? Were they simply responding to an ad in the paper? Did they say yes to a list of questions? Or did they have to go through the process of filling out an application, meeting their future agency, and being interviewed? There are agency's out there who will simply accept employees site unseen bases on past job experience. This could be a potential huge problem for some of the reasons we will list below.

Question 3:
Does the agency verify each potential employee's identity? Do they have the resources to verify Drivers license numbers and social security cards? If they do not, do not go with that agency. You can afford to be picky with who you allow into your home.

Question 4:
Does the agency do criminal background checks? This will cost the agency money, but if they truly want to place good and reputable candidates they will pay the fee to find out about this potentials employees history.

Question 5:
Is the agency willing to have their potential training if needed? For instance they may find a wonderful candidate for a nanny position who has worked in the past as a nanny, but who has never had to have CPR training. If so, is this agency willing to make sure this candidate is CPR certified before placing them? If an agency is willing to only choose top notch candidates, and who then is willing to train those candidates to be even better, is a top notch agency itself.

Question 6:
How to they check their references (and how many references do they check)? Was the agency willing to work to get a hold of all of the job candidate's references? Or were they satisfied with just a few? If they were able to get a hold of all of the references, and then ask to see what the references said about the person. Ask as well for the reference sheet to make sure that each reference truly was called. A good agency will ask if you would also like to call the references in order to make sure you are left completely confident.

Choosing a personal service company can take time, and will have to take patience, but it is important considering these employees will have access to your family, your home, and your belongings. Make sure and check up on the agency before you let them begin to send employees your way. It is not only how long they have been in business that will matter, but also how well they investigate their potential employees before sending them your way.

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