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How to choose a wireless surveillance camera system

If you are going to take all the time and money it takes to start a business, then it will probably be important to you to protect and keep safe what you put into that business. One way to do this is through investing also in a wireless surveillance camera system. How do you know how to pick a good one though? Read on.

First off, why choose a wireless camera rather than a hard wired camera system? Most importantly because wireless cameras are harder to detect, and they can see everything within their range. A theft who can disable your alarm system, but who cannot detect your wireless camera, is a theft that is caught.

Second, how much area are you going to need to cover? You will need enough cameras not only to cover your current needs but you may want to purchase enough in your current system to allow for any type of expansion as well.

Third, what specific needs do you have? Are you just trying to capture video feed? Or do you want audio as well? Will there be any reason why your feed would need to be in color rather than the standard black and white? Color and video are going to greatly effect the price of your system, but if they are necessary don't hesitate to make the purchase. One reason audio might be important is if you cannot always guarantee a good lighting source. If you will need a camera outdoors for instance, if the whether is bad there may not be enough light to pick up on activity and therefore having audio will be a great back up plan. Make sure and take all of these options into consideration before settling on a system.

Fourth, where will your cameras be located? Will they be indoors or outdoors? A wireless camera system is more easily tampered with by the weather so you will want to make sure you have a secure location that will not be effected by the weather.

Fifth, how do you plan to protect your power source? If the power source you're your wireless surveillance camera system is located just behind the cash register in your store, then more likely than not your thieves are going to find it quickly, or stumble over it on their way to your cash, and either way, it won't take them long to power off and destroy your video feed. Make sure when choosing a system that the power source can be in a secure location so as not to be found or disabled.

Sixth, who do you go with? There are many security systems currently on the market. Home security systems are popping up like ants and swiftly becoming one of the world's fastest growing businesses. Although all of these systems carry a different name and logo, most of the actual product is very much from the same company and the security company is simply a distributor. So look into the companies and find out whether they are a distributor, or if they carry the actual product.

If the security company is simply a distributor then you may want to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source of the product yourself. This will save you money (usually a lot) and you can talk with the people who actually created the product and find out more about it than you usually could through a distributor.

Lastly, stick with a company that has been around and making security electronics for a long time. If you have a lot of money invested into your business, you don't want to opt for the new guys in security just because they're cheaper. Give there product a chance on the market first, see how well it stands before investing the safety of your company in to it.

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