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How to choose an air freight company

When you have valuable merchandise that you need moved by air freight you want to choose an air freight company that you can rely on.There are a number of options to consider.Whatever you decide, air freight services have come a long way and can transport your freight goods with efficiency never before imagined.As you make your decision between freight companies consider the following areas that you should keep in mind:

Time/Speed - What resources does the air freight company that you are looking into have.Can they provide their services 24 hours a day?Can they come and pick up the freight package or will it always need to be delivered to an office somewhere?If so, how far away is that office going to be.As you try to get the best deal for your dollar, consider that you may have to pay extra for added conveniences.Also, realize that some freight packages will simply be too much for any given freight company to handle within a reasonable period of time.

One vs. Multiple carriers - The larger the span of the freight team, usually the smoother your freight transfer is going to be.Larger organizations have more resources and can use multiple carriers any types of carriers to get your air freight package to its destination with as little delay as possible.Plus, it is likely that you will end up paying more by going with smaller less-resourceful companies.It is better to stay with the air freight companies that have established reputations.

Established Company -
With something like freight merchandise the stakes of loss are much higher.You want to choose an air freight company that you can trust.UPS and FedEx have long established reputations for ensuring quality service at a reasonable price.This is not to say that there are not other companies with good reputations (for example Bellair is an air freight company with a very good reputation) it is only to say that you do not want to compromise the safety of your valuable cargo by going with a smaller unknown company.

Service and Reliability - Much like choosing an air freight company that has a name you have heard of, you also want to choose a company with a name that you can trust. The last thing you need is to take a gamble on a company that has only been in operation for a short period of time and have a bad experience.Save yourself time, money and grief by asking around, doing your homework, and going with an air freight company that has made a name for themselves.

International - Although most of the larger air freight companies are capable of making international deliveries, there may be more stipulations attached. If you plan on sending a lot of international freight packages, look more closely into the difference in rates and delivery times available.Also, make sure that you understand any restrictions that may be placed on air freight carriers that fly internationally.

Handle your weight loads -
Obviously freight loads are going to weight more than standard packages.If you have a weight that you think might be extreme, you can call your freight companies to see if they can handle the added weight.Most freight packages weight at least 220 lbs. but, loads as large, (and larger than) 400,000 lbs. have been successfully delivered.

Ground Transport -
Also be aware of the various methods of ground transportation that are available with air freight services.How will your packages make it to and from the airport?This process can either make or break the deal for some companies.Convenience of transport is a big issue when dealing with freight.

Technology -
In today's high tech world on-line tracking for air freight packages is becoming more available.This convenience can allow you to see the progress that your package is making along its route.At any moment you can know if there have been delays or if and when your package arrived safely.

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