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How To Choose The Best Holiday Gift Basket

Choosing a memorable gift is often a challenge.Here are some tips to help you select a gift basket that will cause the recipient to remember you positively for years!

If you're like most people, there's a gift basket or some corporate gift baskets on your shopping list this holiday season.

After carefully researching the gift basket industry, and talking to a number of suppliers within it, here are some insider tips we've discovered to help you choose a gift basket the recipient will appreciate and remember for years to come:

1. Choose a gift basket that's unique
Most people are no longer impressed with the traditional cellophane-wrapped, gaudy, cheap gift baskets and tins of popcorn that most gift companies offer. If you want your gift to stand out, impress, and reflect the care you have for the recipient, choose an unusual gift basket, one you and they have never seen before.

2. Choose a gift basket based on a container that the recipient will want to save after the goodies are gone.
Most gift baskets are based on a 30-cent wicker basket or cheap throw-away boxes that go right into the trash after the goodies are gone. If you want your gift to stand out and be memorable, give a gift basket based on something they will want to keep and proudly display in their home or office, like a decorative clock, an antique wagon, a rosewood desk organizer, or a brass bowl. These gifts have value and the recipient will remember you every time they look at it for years to come.

3. Choose a gift basket that's full of goodies, not fillers.
Most gift baskets are 98% filler, with very little actual content. The worst seem to be the wine and fruit baskets, with Styrofoam fillers that actually exceed the height of the basket itself. Sending these types of baskets gives the impression that you, the sender, are cheap because you sent them a basket that was mostly filler - certainly not the impression you had intended!

4. Choose a gift basket that's made fresh to order, in the U.S.
Most gift baskets are assembled months before the holidays in sweatshops in the Orient. The result is a basket full of stale contents, shipping damage, and a haphazard assembly. Choose a company that uses designers to assemble your basket in the U.S., after your order has been received. That way you can be sure to get fresh ingredients, caring assembly, and specialty handling for your gift.

5. Choose a gift basket company that offers same day shipping.
Very few gift basket suppliers have the capability to offer same-day shipping.

Our research shows that two great sources for gift baskets and executive gifts that fill all of the above criteria are:
Gift Baskets:
Corporate Gift Baskets:

One final hint - early shopping is key to saving money on your gift-basket giving. We recommend ordering by December 19th, as it's the last day you can expect ground delivery by Christmas.

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