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How to conduct performance appraisal

interview26236689.jpgEmployees often look forward to their performance appraisals as they want to see what their managers think of their skills and devotion to the company. While most performance appraisals turn out to be a good thing, there will be times when you have to deal with difficult employees and it will be a bittersweet message to your employees. This article will explain your role as a manager when it comes to conducting performance appraisals.

Keep it legal
When it comes to performance appraisals, make sure you are following all the legal work-related policies. This will include making sure you are not writing down bias information or making discriminatory remarks. A manager needs to remain neutral, even if you do like some of your employees more than others. Make sure your employees are dealt with fairly and ask them to come speak to you if they feel that you have been unfair.

Remain consistent

As you start the performance appraisal process, do your best to remain consistent. Each form should look exactly the same except for the comments and remarks you make. The performance appraisal document should include the name of the employee along with the start time and end time of the meeting. You should then list their job description, goals you have set, skills they posses, and what they need to work on. Sign the performance appraisal and have a line for the employee to sign the performance appraisal as well. You will need to have the employee sign the appraisal in front of you and possibly another manager so they can testify that the employee agreed to all the information in the appraisal. Tell your employee that they have the right to dispute the information on the performance appraisal at that exact moment and you can go over their argument and your argument until you reach an agreement.

When do I schedule performance appraisals?
As a new manager, you may be anxious to start your performance appraisals, but you need to wait. The first rule you need to know is that the appraisal of the employee begins on the day you take over as their manager. All the information from their previous manger is in the past and the employee has a clean slate with you. The first performance appraisal should be given 6 months from the time an employee is hired or from the time when you take over as manager. After the first employment appraisal, the next one will come one year later on the anniversary of their hire date. Some companies like to pick one date and do all of their performance appraisals on that date. Choose a system that works for you and stick with it so your employees can get on with their jobs. Before you hold performance appraisals, be sure to tell your employee about 2 weeks before so they can prepare for it.

Watch the employee over the course of a year, not 1 month
Do not let recent behavior overshadow the entire performance appraisal. When you do this, you will neglect some of the big projects and goals they have accomplished over the year and the employee will feel hurt and may become resentful that you do not notice their hard work.

Be careful about being too nit-picky. If you have an employee that was only tardy one or two times, you don't need to mention it on their performance appraisal. If they are tardy daily or twice a week, it should be mentioned. Base your opinion on their overall performance not just one bad thing that stands out in your mind.

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