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How to exploit the strengths of those working for you


Everyone has something they are good at. You have to exploit the strengths of the people who are working for you. When you are a manager you need to let your employees know their strengths and their weaknesses.They need to know their strengths so that they can work to keep on doing a good job.They need to know their weaknesses so that they can work to overcome them.Managers have a big job of taking care of their employees.Sometimes a manager is the only mentor that employees have.As a manager you can exploit the strengths of your employees in several different ways.Let's talk about ways you can let your employees know their strengths.

You can hold personal one on one meetings with each of your employees.When you have one on one time with your employees it makes them feel that they are more then just and employee to you.When someone goes to work they need to look forward to working with their co-workers especially their managers.During your one on one meeting with each employee tell them what you have noticed about their recent work performance.Be honest and up front.Let your employees know what they are doing right, and let them know how they can keep up the good work.When you have meetings with your employees it is a good way to exploit their strengths in a personal way.

Another way that to exploit strengths is to let is be known by everyone.Have a message board where you can post certificates of achievement.Be sure not to leave anyone out, there are many way that an employee can be complimented.When your achievements are posted so that everyone can see, it will make your employees accomplished and it will encourage other employees to work hard to get that accomplishment.This is a good way to show strengths if your employees are open to compliments, be careful because some people do not want to be showed off.

You could award all of your employees with a party.Get all the managers together and plan a party to congratulate your employees on their good work performance.Maybe you can have a deal with your employee like if your have no late clock ins for a certain amount of days you will get donuts for breakfast.Or you can say if there are no accidents in the work place for a certain amount of time they will be awarded with a gift certificate.This will encourage all of your employees to put their strengths together to create an excellent work performance.This would be good if your have a large number of employees and you are not able to do one on one meetings.

There are many other ways that you can exploit the strengths of your employees.The important this is that you do not forget about your employees and that you do tell them when they are doing a good job.There is nothing worse then going to work every day feeling like you are not appreciated.Employees are the people that keep companies going, when they are not happy then the managers are not doing their jobs.You must also not forget to reward yourself and exploit your strengths as a manager.

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