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How to hire a sales training consultant

Whatever your business may be, it is always important to have a good system in place to help sell your product or service.Without such a system, you business suffers and your product or service is not sold, leaving you without your desired amount of profit.Perhaps you already have a well-designed sales system in place.But without a good training program to teach new employees the "ropes" of your sales procedure, your business will also suffer.That is why it is important to hire a good sales training consultant.

Continuing sales training is an essential part of a business, whether you sell a product or a service.It is especially important for a business in an area like technology or marketing (where the field is always changing and growing) to have a sales training consultant who will help keep you and your employees up to date on recent developments.

You may ask why you actually want to hire an outside person as a sales training consultant.There are many reasons besides just wanting to improve your overall business, profits and training systems.Here are just a few reasons why you might consider hiring a sales training consultant:

  1. If you have a new product line that you're about to release and you want it to be successful right off the bat.
  2. If your current sales team has been below their desired productivity (which is not only hurting you and your company, but also your profits!)
  3. If you simply want to improve your sales team's selling techniques and success.
  4. If your employees could use some improvement on their "bed side manner."
  5. If you would like an outside perspective to push your company into new and exciting directions.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to hire a sales training consultant, there are certain things you want to look for and be thinking about when going about the hiring process.

  1. What is this sales trainer going to be able to do for your company?When interviewing your potential sales trainer, ask specific questions about how s/he will be able to help your company.Ask for specifics.How does s/he plan to improve your sales numbers?By what percentage will s/he be likely to increase sales?By what date can you expect this increase to occur?What would s/he do if there is no increase like expected, or if the increase is not as large as expected?
  2. What kind of background enables this sales trainer to be good for your company?Ask your potential trainer about his/her past clients.What kinds of things has s/he worked on in the past?What kinds of things was s/he most successful in doing?
  3. What does your sales trainer's resume look like?Look very closely at your potential sales trainer's resume.Be sure to contact some past clients to verify the information s/he gives you on his/her successful endeavors.If your potential consultant does not have a good history of success with previous clients, chances are that s/he will not have great success with your company either.However, if your potential consultant has an excellent sales history, s/he will probably be able to do all that s/he claims.
  4. Interview your sales training consultant as if you were hiring a new employee.A sales training consultant, although not an employee of your company, will influence your business as much or more than a regular employee does.Therefore it would make sense to be sure that your consultant has similar aims and goals to those of your company.S/he must also be able to work well with your current employees.After all, your sales trainer will be spending significant time with your employees and must be able to communicate effectively with them.
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