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How to hone in on specialties and nurture talent


Let us assume that the person reading this article is an employer. You are currently going over new resumes and are looking for people to fill some positions in your company. As you are going along, something catches your eye. There is a resume with a person who seems to have all of the qualities that you are looking for. They don't necessarily have the experience you might want, but they do have a great record. Something about them seems impressionable enough that you take the plunge and hire them. If this ever happens, it is then your responsibility to hone in on specialties and nurture talent that this new employee has. If you can do this, it will not only improve your company, but it will also improve a person and make their life more meaningful and satisfying. Just because you are running a business doesn't mean you aren't concerned with humanity and the happiness of your employees to a certain point. Let's go on a journey now and look at an employer who has just hired a girl named Jen who has only been in the work place for a couple years now.

Jen Jones graduated from UCLA in Economics and minored in Business Management. She won numerous awards in areas in and outside of business. She came to interview for a job at a business consultation outside of San Diego and impressed the interviewer with her track record of internships and college experience. Hired immediately, Jen starts as the company's public relations secretary and does a fine job. She does exactly as the previous person had done and does it just perfectly. Suddenly you realize that this Jen could actually do better if she was just allowed some creative freedom and a chance to expand the job into a broader responsibility. Soon after you inform her that she is free to improve her job in any way that she sees fit, you are pleased to see that she has started putting together an ad campaign that is simply genius. She brings the idea to you and it is absolutely what you have been needing to push the company forward in the public mind. The campaign is released and your company begins to slowly grow. Your client's has tripled and the money the company is making is almost too much to take in at once.

Now take a look at this story and see what the employer did. It may seem to you that the employer didn't do much at all and your exactly right. It is what the employer didn't do that allowed Jen to expand and improve. Let's outline what we saw.

  1. The employer recognized talent when it came. Gambling on proven talent is less than a gamble and more of an investment for the company. As a result, the company gained an employee that is capable of doing just about anything that is asked of her.
  2. The employer teaches her the job. As a result, she becomes efficient and cookie-cutter perfect in the results that she is producing.
  3. The employer recognizes the limits of the job and abolishes those parameters. The employer realizes that there is more than one way to do a job and that Jen is fully capable of doing the job in any number of ways and accomplish more by doing so. As a result, Jen formulates a genius ad campaign that launches the company into a new level of business in the market.

Take a look at those three things that happened. The employer allowed someone to become a part of the company and make it better. The key word is allowing. If you hire willing and able people, allowing them to work efficiently will begin to just happen. As an employer, hone in on the talents and abilities that your employees have. Allow them to take your company places you never dreamed of.

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